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Entry for April 30, 2006

It’s been a month since I was in the hospital. The bills! and the waivers for bills!
The hospital wrote off $50,000 worth of charges but there are still plenty more.
I’m currently trying to get bills from UF Physicians excused. I need notarized letters
saying I am dependant on one person and another letter saying I have been unemployed
for a certain period of time. In my case that would be since 12/21/’99.
Boy, the
paperwork. I’ve had to apply for foodstamps just to get prescription
assistance, but after I got the food stamps the UF Physicians told me I had to
get a denial from Medicaid in order to get their bill waived. They kind of confused
me because they said something about for 6 months. Now, a friend of mine who
helps me in these matters tells me because I sign certain papers and get letters
written pertaining to my support no bills can be charged to me by Shands, but I think that is
a permanent thing, not just for 6 months. It only means that whatever is done by Shands during those 6 months won’t be charged to me. I won’t be responsible for paying it.This is because I don’t have a job and I don’t have insurance and, naturally I need the support of others.

Today I got the ambulance bill. It was over $400. I remember mom complaining about that being the price of the Siddha Yoga 2 day Intensives I used to take. Maybe if I had kept on taking them I wouldn’t have ended up in this health crisis, but some things cannot be helped.

I don’t understand why there is so much division there, but then I think back to before, back in 1978 when by best friends suddenly became my worst enemies. For years afterward (give me, like 12 to 14 years, the latter number being when my father, who never was such a good friend, but did pay his share of support which seemed to exonerate him from all kinds of sins, died.)
It all seemed to be about a Guru then. There were other things, like relationships that didn’t want to continue anymore, joblessness, suspension from the university, no place but home to live.

WEll I’ll try to get back to you soon. I’m getting tired now.

I have another blog by the way. If   you want to find out more about my hospital experience it’s over there at http://ed71.pitas.com/

(I had pneumonia with pleurisy!)

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