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Entry for June 14, 2006

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New entries at My Blog! And, I am so happy because I finally got my driver’s seat window fixed. The electric motor that runs the window up and down was busted. I think it may have been responsible for my getting pneumonia in March. I guess the pleurisy is a complication of pneumonia sometimes. I don’t really know.
I always felt the window problem came from some animal, probably a buck, running into me on 441 out by Paines Prairie (which is now more like a lake since a few years ago when we had a whole lot of rain).
Oh, hey, mom and I saw Al Gore speak about Global Warming on the Larry King Show today. I recorded it from last night. Al was looking good.Image

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Entry for June 06, 2006

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Go search the Urantia Book for its comments on marriage. Of course it says little about May/December marriages or interracial marriages, but it does say marriage controlled primitive urges. They mention among these urges bisexuality.

No big thing.

They are discussing this in Congress now. I don’t think there should be a constitutional amendment against Gay marriage. I kind of think it’s the beginning of things like banning Siddha Yoga. They might declare that Siddha Yoga is not religion and so not protected by the freedom of religion amendment. Which one is that?

I recall the Krsna Devotees had to prove they were a religion in an American court. How disgraceful of us. Didn’t you know Krsna Consciousness was a religion?

Paradoxically, by saying you are not a religion you may be privileged to be discussed and taught about in American schools. You may be aware of many yogis saying their path is a science, or an experience, not a religion. It is the fundamental experience behind religion, it is said. And I believe them.

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