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Entry for January 31, 2007

Mom’s friend Helen lives in a nursing home in Ocala.
Mom never wanted to live in a nursing home and was upset with Helen’s daughter when she moved her friend Helen into one.
I don’t know what was wrong with Helen exactly. I escorted mom to Helen’s birthday party, her 90th at the nursing home some years ago.
It was rather gay. Lots of people were there. We had a big room to ourselves to have our party.
People were talking to me about these places even as mom was being made “comfortable.”
Some of my relatives were talking about mom quitting because she stopped eating at the Therapy Hospital when she heard she would have to leave there and go to the nursing facility.
I guess I could have insisted that they make mom “fight” as they say, but I just couldn’t deny her desire to sleep. I had read on the Net about sleep being good for stroke patients. Was that an unnecessary confusion? I don’t know, but the therapy was darn hard on mom.
Mom loved the people and all. She loved all her therapists and many of the nurses and techs. Can’t recall one she didn’t, but when I first got to see mom at Shands at AGH, the doctor told me he didn’t foresee recovery. He spoke about the condition of her heart and the bleeding in her brain, but at that time he was most concerned with her lack of responsiveness.
I don’t know if it was just that lack of responsiveness or if there were other physical conditions. I sort of feel they were just trying to take it easy on me, … and mom. She was 89. They didn’t want to do resuscitation on her because they thought they might break a rib and make things that much worse for her.
They were making her comfortable and I guess that was what I wanted. I knew mom didn’t want me changing her diaper at home, for one thing if I could have even gotten her home. That may have been a dream too. My brother told me forget it having seen his wife go through something similar with her father.
I just wish there were another woman so lovely as mom.

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