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Entry for March 29, 2007

I’ve been kind of upset tonight, thinking about mom and the end and all. I played a tape called Gratitude in which Gurumayi speaks about Muktananda’s 60th birthday, I think.
Anyway, I was thinking about the night that mom had the stroke and the rescue people. One fellow came in and he was talking to the other guys, like small talk, about someone he knew who had brain cancer. There is my mother, unable to talk or walk and this schmoe is talking about brain cancer. What a son of a bitch. Later on they determined that mom had a dislocated shoulder and she had to wear these damn slings that she just hated and I wonder if it was that bruiser who came here bullshitting with his buddies about serious diseases who might have picked mom up wrong. Of course the hospital never even considereed that it might have been our tried and true rescue team. They are the heroes of the world since 911. They blamed the dislocated shoulder on her fall from her bed.
I didn’t even know who the fucks were and certainly, they didn’t care about me. I should have stayed in the bedroom to make sure they handled her right. I just really didn’t appreciate a man talking about some other patient who had brain cancer at that particular time. How insensitive!

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