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Entry for April 27, 2007

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This is a picture of my grandmother that was sitting under the sewing machine next to my mom’s ordinary sitting place. Mom had hidden it away there, I guess. I imagine she would look at it now and then.
Mom had many pictures of her mom, classic photos of her mother and father. I had never seen them but they suddenly began to appear in the 80’s.
Grandma died in ’74. My father was big on finding his own roots and mom found some of hers too. I learned that my grandmother’s maiden name was Haas. When I was growing up I was told grandma was born in Germany and grandpa, who I never knew, was born in Ireland. As I became a 30 or 40 year old living with my mom that truth changed.
I wonder about such things.
Grandma had severe handicap. One of her legs was enormous and, I think, paralyzed. She had to drag it around. It was a somewhat frightening experience to visit my mother’s mother because of this, the fact that she spoke almost entirely german and she lived in a less than prosperous part of the the Bronx.
Mom had a lot to say about her mom speaking german. She said she and the other kids used to tell her this was America and she should speak english. In her later years mom used to tell a story about her mother being embarrassed of her german heritage. Mom was talking about during World War II, of course, but it’s something I find hard to imagine. I was born after WWII, but I guess it would have been possible for my grandmother to call herself Polish at that time.
This picture looks like it was taken back then, in the 40’s or the 50’s, but I don’t know actually. I recall visiting grandma in the 60’s and she looked older than she looks in this picture.

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Entry for April 16, 2007

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I am running out of money and luckily I got the titles to the cars today. I rushed home to get insurance for the cars. I need insurance to get tags. Later in the day, after the shootings on TV and all that, I went to my bank account and saw, “Oh my, I am low on funds now!” It was the insurance and all. One seventy for the first installment of GEICO for the 2 cars. Now, I am thinking I have to sell one of them.
Thinking thus, I looked over at mom’s clothes which hang in so many of the closets here. I bought these vacuum pack bags that let you put clothes away for a long time, intent that I wasn’t going to give mom’s clothes away and hoping maybe somebody personal would want some of them instead of my taking them en masse to Hospice Attic in town to give them away. They also take furniture. If I suddenly decide to sell the house maybe that’s the thing to do. I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to sell the house. I’ve lived here for so long and I may find myself maladjusted in another place. I’ve platned some flowers in the back yard just recently and I have bought things that help water the yard and flowers over the past year.
Mom didn’t want to leave this place, but I think if push comes to shove. I’m just so worried about the money right now. I’ve been avoiding jobs that need to use my car, like newspaper delivery, but if I could use the car for that …. well, that would jack up the insurance a bit, I’ll bet. I see they ask if you use your car for business and I would have to tell them I do, if I do. On top of that the car I’m thinking of selling is actually running better than the car I’m intending to keep. The ’90 is driving well and the ’95 has a little transmission trouble.
But, as I was saying, I was packing mom’s clothes in those vacuum sacks and boy, I don’t know how to fold them or anything and they really bring back memories. She didn’t go out much, but when she went out she didn’t dress like any teenager. She always had nice clothes, pretty things and I hate to give them away.
If any relatives would like to contribute to my cause I would gladly accept any charitable gifts. In fact I could even offer some of mom’s clothes.

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Entry for April 07, 2007

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Here is a picture with some of that New York winter you might have heard of in a Simon and Garfunkel song.
We had these electric lanterns up on the house that said Merry Christmas. I think I was a teenager by then.
Doesn’t mom have that “I still have one teenager left” look about her?

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Entry for April 04, 2007

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Mom had an amarillo, a beautiful flower that just bloomed in the backyard. I had been watering it since I had planted some nastertiums and wildflowers nearby.
I noticed today it had bloomed and took some pictures.
I got the picture developed at a One-Hour place in town.

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