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Entry for May 23, 2007

Today when I came home from shopping I entered the air conditioned house and soon I was thinking of how I entered when I was a teenager and college student and I would go to my room and there would be a freshly made bed for me.
My big brother, my step-brother actually, has been talking about mom’s financial mind. I guess I know less about it, but he mentions mom’s awareness of the finances, the insurance, the mortgage and all that and I do appreciate her sense of responsibility in terms of all the money, but she also did many things we usually associate with women in our families like cleaning house and cooking dinner.
The experience of having my bed made was not one I was allowed to really appreciate as so many things were more important then, like getting to bed with women in their beds and I actually discourage mom from making my bed when I took Billy Joel’s Captain Jack way too seriously. I didn’t hang out and stare at closet queens, but I did have a very good friend named Jack and I was 21 and my mother still made my bed. How sweet that was of her.
And the thought of the love she had for me that made her make the bed was really a sweet thought to have this afternoon coming home from shopping to my air conditioned house.

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