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Entry for June 28, 2007

Well, I got my sheets changed. Had a nice night’s sleep last night.

I am preparing for my trip to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday. I got a triptik from AAA today.

I saw my brother Bill and my sister-in-law Miss yesterday to give them the key to the house so they can look after the cat. I had trouble deciding who I was going to ask to do that but I called them on my new cell phone and they were ok with the cat thing.

I’m so worried about this long drive. Yesterday I also got my power window on the passenger side of the car fixed. I am having a rider and I thought they should be able to open the window should they decide. I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like.

I am looking for a SunPass that was supposed to come in the mail. If I don’t have it I will have to pay the tolls and I will have to have some exact change available should I decide to get off the Florida Turnpike at any time. I did that on my ride to Orlando and I didn’t have the exact change. I drove through the SunPass lane to get back on the Turnpike.

I’m so worried. You know I haven’t been practicing the knowledge so much. I have a problem with my cat. She interrupts a lot. It’s a kind of difficult process anyway.

I have heard Maharaji will be in Gainesville on July 5th. That will be $75 for those who have received knowledge or are in the keys process. I worry, worry, worry. They have been mentioning opportunities for service. They call this service seva in Siddha Yoga. I didn’t do very well at it but I blame the other sevites for it. They made me self-conscious about it.

Speaking of Siddha Yoga, another disk in the $250 contemplation course arrived. I just can’t do anything with that thing and they won’t refund. Why did I sign up for that anyway?

I had the most horrid nightmare last night. Chief among the frightening elements were young men who wanted to have sex with me. Their pants were off and they were getting erections. Oh, my.

I had a realization today about a woman at a health food store in town. Her hair looked so funny and I wondered about it. Now I think I see some kind of latex, leather, bondage thing about it. If she was wearing one of those black dominatrix things the hair would be just perfect.

Yeah, okay, so it’s funny.

No need to get all weird about it.

I wonder if I could get that girl to go out with me.

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