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Entry for July 03, 2007

I was just in Ft. Lauderdale to see Prem Rawat Singh, a.k.a Guru Maharaji.
What an event it was. My hotel was 8 miles from the Broward County Convention Center where the event took place. I got a little tired toward the end of the second day, it was a 2 day event. I didn’t realize the second day was going to be so long since it was a Sunday. Usually those are the laid back relaxing days, but here the program started at 10 a.m and lasted until nearly 7 p.m. I had to cut out on a video at the end and I felt a bit self-conscious.
A lot of it had been question and answer and I think I felt a swell of pride in the questions that were passing through my mind all weekend. I had many questions about the techniques and also I wanted attention for my grief, having lost mom this year. But I never said a word. I never raised my hand to get the microphone, even. It’s not that I was afraid but maybe not so comfortable with the new people. I had followed Gurumayi, you know.
I wondered after the event about people and their personal backgrounds. It is really a great sensitivity when these “liberals” as they call them remind us that people come from different backgrounds. You know, they speak of diversity and of cultural bias in testing but how many of us have really experienced it? Maybe we say the state is biased against hippies, or pot or sex and the like, but I am not sure we understand how those backgrounds have affected those people’s thinking to make them find it difficult to harmonize with us.
It’s a sense of other, you know. Baba said this sense of other is suffering, that we are all the same self. Maharaji has had something else to say. Whereas God is within you, he is not you.
I’ve been thinking about this and I think when Baba said that God was you he was thinking of God being disguised as you rather than you’re being the perfect reflection of Godly qualities.
Oh, I am going to have to think this over.
Maharaji has asked us to make 3 promises, to not reveal these techniques to anybody, to give this knowledge a chance and to keep in touch.
I’m working on them.

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