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Entry for August 27, 2007

This guy at the meditation center used to call me Fast Eddie. Today I thought of being fast on the draw, like in the old westerns I’ve been watching lately. I got a big kick out of Support Your Local Gunfighter a few weeks ago and today I saw a film starring Yul Brynner as a gunfighter. You know, I’ve also been thinking about that Virginia Tech thing. Better look out!
I was turned down for another job today. Makes you feel like that Virginia Tech guy when you don’t get hired, nobody calls or even drops by. I think, I never expected this in Florida. New York, yes, that’s where it belongs and it makes me feel like there is really no hope. Obama can talk about hope’s audaciousness, but I think I question hope’s veracity.
I understand that new movie, Shoot ’em Up is kind of a farce. Actually an anti-gun movie is what Paul Giamatti said on TV last night. Clive Owen, the other star was quite in agreement. I think I would like to see it. I wonder would anyone go with me?

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