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Entry for September 28, 2007

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Take Santa fe Community College and shove it right up your ass!
There’s an ex-instructor who totally dominates goings on at the siddha meditation center.
He gives no accounting of his ex-teacher status. No history at all for this bird. He claims he met Baba and that’s all he needs to hang out and be the big bird at the center.
I went to the center on 2nd Avenue in 1979 and there was no him!
There was just a young man named Shri Ram dressed in a clean white robe. He left to go to India.
I used to talk to him about my spiritual experience but I became distracted by other things like Krishna worship and when he left the center moved and that is when the great professor showed.
At the time I thought I would like some teachers from Santa Fe showing up at the center. I had a very good teacher who followed another Guru and I had hoped maybe he would show. Instead it was this “Mr. Science” man.
I tend to think of him as a hidden “phile.” He doesn’t really share. He hides. But I guess everyone is hiding. Afraid of the government. They don’t have the balls to stand up for who they really are, but they favor coming out of the closet and all that for those who are in a closet. Can’t be them though can it. That’s just for the sexually avant.
What other kind of perverted shit can Santa Fe throw at us? I remember seeing a number of the higher ups at the Univesity Club when I was inclined to visit there. Shit, ain’t they just like government? Older, full of resumes, experienced.
So fuck Santa Fe for letting its retirees come around to our spiritual circles and wear a mask.
I just love it when this retired turkey talks about work.
He thinks I don’t know, or maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he is some kind of schizophrenic. I’ve seen them on 60 Minutes. Or maybe he’s just faking schizophrenia to meet his own agenda.

Above is Chris and Jonas and Olivia from a few years ago.

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Entry for September 25, 2007

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I guess it means nothing here on the Internet and in Judeo-Christian America but these spiritual masters that I follow are so competitive with each other. It’s a troubling fact.

Adidam for example comes right out and says you must follow him. And you run into this kind of thing all the time, follow me, follow me, follow me.

It’s really hard to take. I mean you are trying, like eating vegetarian. For a long time I chanted this terminably long chant called the Guru Gita. Well, nothing much was happening in my life that I could see, and I need to see these things, and I started looking into Adidam. I had already been around Hare Krishna and I had read some of the books of Bhagwan Rajneesh. I was a little interested in Maharaji as well.

Maybe it’s because I received knowledge that it is so hard to hear Adidam talk about meditation as orgasm, a temporary kind of pleasure with no lasting effect, no serious realization. Is he talking about knowledge? Well, I guess that is for me to figure out on my own.

Adidam speaks this way in one of his DVDs entitled Untying the Self-Knot of Fear.

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Entry for September 24, 2007

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I hate Windows Vista. When you open a window in Explorer in XP you can view files in thumbnails which is ideal for pictures. Who remembers the names of pictures but with thumbnails you could see the picture in the window. That is no more in Vista – and I have Premium.
Another bumber is no Internet Hearts. I am an Internet Hearts addict and Vista doesn’t have it.
Yet another thing is everything is different. Nothing is done the way it used to be. It’s a very unfamiliar environment and you know that commercial for Apple’s Macintosh where you here the beep and someone comes in to ask you for permission to do everything. that is Vista. Everything requires permission.
Aside: A guy called this morning looking for someone named John. I heard him on the answering machine so I picked up because I knew he had the wrong number and I thought that would be an invaluable piece of information for him. It turned out he had met someone in church and he was trying to sell there son a car. He was from Chrysler. My Uncle Al has a beautiful Chrysler but he can’t drive it anymore due to poor health. Aunt Margie, the love of his life has finally gotten a drivers license a couple of decades ago and she drives it. All my life up there, they live in PA and we lived in NY, Aunt Marguerite couldn’t drive. Al was a cab driver. Margie had no license. Strange. I think Aunt Margie was in her 70’s when she finally got her drivers license. Aunt Margie is my mother’s younger sister.

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Entry for September 17, 2007

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I am able to embed video at the other blog,
Go there and see the small video I made.
You might also want to scroll down the page and view the slide show of Siddha Art that I also made. Both projects were thanks to Webshots.

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Entry for September 16, 2007

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While yesterday’s 10-1 drubbing was disappointing, tonight’s Yankees – Red Sox game was terrific. Maybe just a little too tense in the bottom of the ninth.
Maybe it was the timing. It’s hard to figure whether you want the Yanks to get out of there in the top of the ninth and bring on Mo or maybe you want them to get walks and string the inning out. Of course you want more runs but you get a sense that maybe you won’t. You’re so excited you’re winning this game and then you think about the Red Sox getting to Mariano in the past. You feel the crowd thirsting for Mariano’s blood. He walked the first batter and you could hear them exclaim, “HE WALKED HIM!” That was Varitek.
The Red Sox fans seemed so self-assured after yesterday’s game. They were sure they were going to win with Schilling on the mound and he was better than I thought he would be. That is until the 8th inning. His opponent on the hill, Roger Clemens had already been sent to the showers in favor of Joba Chamberlain. Schilling, I guess, is not quite as old a man as Roger and Francona left him out there for the 8th even to pitch to Derek Jeter with 2 men on and 2 men out.
Oh, get a hit Jeter, get a hit, you’re thinking but as the count progresses from a hitter’s count, 2 and 1, to an even one, 2 and 2, you start saying, hit a long one, Derek. Get a long hit. And BOOM! HE DOES IT! A 3 RUN HOMERUN to put the Yankees ahead 4-1. Oh, my, it’s all over but the crying now, isn’t it?
Well, no, given the game’s competitiveness. Joba Chamberlain had let the Sox have runners in the 7th but finally got the side out. He came back in for the 8th and after striking out rookie of the year candidate Dustin Pedroia and retiring David Ortiz on a fly ball, he unexpectedly gave up the long ball to Mike Lowell. It was the first earned run given up by Joba since he joined the Yankees from AAA. After that Ron Guidry visited the mound and had a word with the 21 year old right hander. Chamberlain was left in the game and struck out J.D. Drew looking.
It was when Eric Gagne came in that I started to wonder about timing. After Posada struck out, Robinson Cano came up. I’ve seen Robinson take swings at the first and second pitches a thousand times and there seemed to be a quickening to get the inning over and I started to say to him. No, stay in the present. You are at bat. Anyway, after it seemed like Cano would walk I started to feel the Red Sox fans and Cano grounded out. Melky Cabrera came up and flied out on the second pitch.
I think the Yanks were in a hurry to get to Mariano and I guess this has something to do with being in the visitor’s park. You’ve taken the wind out of his sails with a home run and he hasn’t come back from it. You want to get those last 3 outs.
Thank God, Mariano did get those 3 outs albeit after walking Varitek and allowing a double to Julo Lugo letting Boston get to within one run. Rivera hit outfielding phenom Jacoby Ellsbury in the knee bringing up Dustin Pedroia with the chance to tie or win the game with a single or extra base hit. As the count grew in Pedroia’s favor the camera caught horror novelist Stephen King’s enthusiastic beating on the wall urging defeat for Mariano and the Yankees. Mariano walked Pedroia bringing David Ortiz to the plate.
I often use a mantra wen these situations came up but sometimes the mantra is a crutch. I often say om namah shivaya. Shiva who looks just like a pitcher in the wind up in the classic Shiva Nataraj pose, seems to quiet things down. I’ve decided it’s something good for me to settle me down a bit. Maybe it was the mantra that told me that this was up to Mo and Mo could do it.
And Mo, Mariano, did it. Papi popped out to Derek Jeter for the last out of the game.
Many thanks were also due to Doug Mientkiewicz whose defensive play made you forget the errors and poor play of Jason Giambi the day before. I think I agree with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller who credited Mientkiewicz with saving the game for the Yanks.

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Entry for September 13, 2007

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Well, I wrote a letter to my beloved high school teacher Ms. LaFontaine. She has moved to Marianna, Florida. I told her about mom. A little late, but I always had trouble reaching her where she used to be. I didn’t have the right zip code. There are a number of them in Gainesville and I got spooky vibes about the phone. I guess because the one of two times I called her I guess she had been napping. Maybe it was only once, but she didn’t seem to want to talk to me. It may have been too late.

Anyway, I finally got my network secure. I don’t know why that is so important because I’m not rich and there is not a lot of important information on my computers. But, you never know and everyone says its very important. Being so important it should be easier for a newbie.

A woman I knew from Siddha Meditation asked me how mom was the other day. I was suspicious of this because I know how they talk over there and it’s hard to believe she didn’t know. So, I told her mom passed away back in January. I think she’s been reading the blog. Also, she may be conscious of ghosts, or more intelligently conscious of mom’s presence in all the things she left behind.

I guess I have mentioned my new computer. I bought a webcam and a case for it. I also bought a battery for the old one. Sort of a waste it seems. I may have to clean that whole drive on that computer, then again, it seems I have gotten so mature in computer usage I can look at the drive and see the programs that I have no use at all for anymore and removing would help me quite a bit. If I could wake it up enough to pass programs to the new machine or to a machine I access, that would be good.

Writing a letter to my teacher who did so much for my writing when I was young, I became aware of all the ups and downs I have gone through with writing. It would be good to associate with some of those who liked my writing so long ago.

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Entry for September 05, 2007

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Yankees are beating the Mariners. Arod hit 2 home runs in one inning as the Yankees tied the score at 2 in the 7th and then went on to score another 7 runs.

Arod’s first homer tied the game. It had been close all night as Jarrod Washburn was pitching an exceptional game against the Yankees. Arod’s bat had been quiet all night although he has a reputation for hitting Washburn. The homer knocked Washburn out of the game but the Mariners exceptional bullpen faultered loading up the bases and leading to a pinch hitting appearance by Jorge Posada who walked to give the Bombers the lead.

An error by the Mariners’ second basemen allowed Robinson Cano to get on where he was sacrificed to second by Shelley Duncan. Jason Giambi walked as did Wilson Betemit against left handed reliever George Sherrill loading the bases. Mariners’ manager McLaren changed pitchers when it ws announced Jorge Posada would pinch hit for Jose Molina, calling in a right hander to make Posada hit from the left side. Although Posada hits well from both sides of the plate the right hander was a sinker ball pitcher that the Mariners hoped would get Posada to hit into a double play. The pitcher, Shawn Green, walked Posada although the call on balls and strikes was argued. Video replay showed a pretty close pitch was called ball 4. It must have really irked the Mariners because a number of plays during the night were bad calls. A play at second where Derek Jeter missed the tag on Suzuki and another play at first that I didn’t see also on Suzuki.

Joba Chamberlain got the win. He ptiched the 7th Inning. Edwar Ramirez pitched the 8th and Mariano Rivera, in need of work, pitched the 9th.

The final score was 10-2.

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