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Entry for September 24, 2007

I hate Windows Vista. When you open a window in Explorer in XP you can view files in thumbnails which is ideal for pictures. Who remembers the names of pictures but with thumbnails you could see the picture in the window. That is no more in Vista – and I have Premium.
Another bumber is no Internet Hearts. I am an Internet Hearts addict and Vista doesn’t have it.
Yet another thing is everything is different. Nothing is done the way it used to be. It’s a very unfamiliar environment and you know that commercial for Apple’s Macintosh where you here the beep and someone comes in to ask you for permission to do everything. that is Vista. Everything requires permission.
Aside: A guy called this morning looking for someone named John. I heard him on the answering machine so I picked up because I knew he had the wrong number and I thought that would be an invaluable piece of information for him. It turned out he had met someone in church and he was trying to sell there son a car. He was from Chrysler. My Uncle Al has a beautiful Chrysler but he can’t drive it anymore due to poor health. Aunt Margie, the love of his life has finally gotten a drivers license a couple of decades ago and she drives it. All my life up there, they live in PA and we lived in NY, Aunt Marguerite couldn’t drive. Al was a cab driver. Margie had no license. Strange. I think Aunt Margie was in her 70’s when she finally got her drivers license. Aunt Margie is my mother’s younger sister.

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