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Entry for September 28, 2007

Take Santa fe Community College and shove it right up your ass!
There’s an ex-instructor who totally dominates goings on at the siddha meditation center.
He gives no accounting of his ex-teacher status. No history at all for this bird. He claims he met Baba and that’s all he needs to hang out and be the big bird at the center.
I went to the center on 2nd Avenue in 1979 and there was no him!
There was just a young man named Shri Ram dressed in a clean white robe. He left to go to India.
I used to talk to him about my spiritual experience but I became distracted by other things like Krishna worship and when he left the center moved and that is when the great professor showed.
At the time I thought I would like some teachers from Santa Fe showing up at the center. I had a very good teacher who followed another Guru and I had hoped maybe he would show. Instead it was this “Mr. Science” man.
I tend to think of him as a hidden “phile.” He doesn’t really share. He hides. But I guess everyone is hiding. Afraid of the government. They don’t have the balls to stand up for who they really are, but they favor coming out of the closet and all that for those who are in a closet. Can’t be them though can it. That’s just for the sexually avant.
What other kind of perverted shit can Santa Fe throw at us? I remember seeing a number of the higher ups at the Univesity Club when I was inclined to visit there. Shit, ain’t they just like government? Older, full of resumes, experienced.
So fuck Santa Fe for letting its retirees come around to our spiritual circles and wear a mask.
I just love it when this retired turkey talks about work.
He thinks I don’t know, or maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he is some kind of schizophrenic. I’ve seen them on 60 Minutes. Or maybe he’s just faking schizophrenia to meet his own agenda.

Above is Chris and Jonas and Olivia from a few years ago.

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