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Entry for October 22, 2007

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Today I fixed my toilet.
I went to Home Depot and got a “snake.”
Hey did you see that movie “Snakes on a Plane.”
I saw some of it. The idea of a snake biting you is so ugly that I just don’t want to be remindied of it. It’s funny because of the Siddha Yoga and their thing about snakes.
So, this toilet has been stopped up for a couple months now ever since I got a litter box for my cat and didn’t know how to dispense of the litter. I flushed it down a toilet and it stopped the toilet up. It was this clumping kind of litter. I forget who makes it but it says on the box not to flush it down the toilet.
I also used some drain unclogging fluid that said I should wear rubber gloves and goggles before I used the stuff. Heavy! It got kind of smoky when I poured it into the toilet. But it worked and that’s the thing. That and the snake I used to unclog it.
The snake was $30. There was a cheaper one but it looked unsteady and like something a more experienced person might use. Someone who knew about this unclogging business.
Oh, I tried to make a candle when I got up this morning. There was a candle whose wick had burned down and down but there was lots of wax so I melted the wax in a pot and I just needed to pour it into some form. So, “DUMB, DUMB” as my mother always said, I poured the liquid wax, almost boiling hot into a plastic container. It immediately melted the plastic and wax spilled all over my kitchen counter. “DUMB, DUMB!!!”
I’ve done my knowledge two consecutive mornings now. That’s good for me. Maharaj says he wants an hour a day but just haven’t been able to give it to him. Yesterday when I went to have dinner at Bill and Miss’s (did I tell you 10/17 is their anniversary and I went to have dinner with them the following Sunday 10/21) I was really caught up in saying the Siddha mantra and chanting othe chants of the Siddhas. I had watched “Wherever You Are, Attain the Self” which was one of the last mom ever saw. She was a big fan of the Siddha videos, I believe. She didn’t just watch because I wanted to.
I finally heard something significant. Well I always hear something, but now I seemed to understand it better, with mom’s passing and with the knowledge I think, Baba said in this video “the esctasy of the world is the bliss of samadhi.” He said go within and meditate and you will realize the source of bliss is the world.
It’s kind of odd because you are turning away from the world when you go within. I guess you just don’t understand this world. Nobody calls the world the source of bliss in the west.
If you are family or someone who knows me, my brother Bill and his wife Miss traded in their cars, hers an SUV, I think, and his a Cadillac for 2 Hondas. Honda the automobile. I assume Civics. I only saw one when I went over there, it was silver.
They gave me some story about having Mustangs when the first got married. And Miss wasn’t aware that their anniversary and Aunt Marguerite’s birthday were the same date.
Oh, well. That’s the way it goes sometimes, isn’t it?
I also got a check from one of the doctors’ offices or hospital or something. I guess I overpaid someone somewhere and I found this check when I was looking through all the papers on the floor before I chucked them in the recycle box. Lucky I didn’t chuck this, but I had to look at it because I had to make sure they knew what I knew that they were all paid up. So, I opened it up expecting to find something from a long time ago and there was this check. It was dated 9/21/2007. So, I also deposited that today. It was for $242.00.
Well, I’m sort of tired now.
I watched the Gator game Saturday and then watched the replay where Nat Moore does some of the color on the play by play. Nat was a great one. I nominated him to replace Spurrier, but it wasn’t a popular choice.
I guess that’s about it. I wanted to get my suit to the dry cleaner today. Oh, that was because I brought an application to work to Macy’s today, also. I’ve been a busy little beaver today haven’t I?
If I could just get my dishwasher fixed now, and maybe the stove.

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Entry for October 07, 2007

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I saw the Gator football game against LSU. I was pretty disappointed. Some things I noticed about the Urban Meyer coaching style, you give the ball to a young half back who was grounded for fumbling a couple of years ago until he fumbles and then you never give it to him again. You can’t have faith in that man.
I think the kid’s name is Keyshaun Moore and anyone could see how LSU was trying to rip that ball out of his hands as he was tearing up the field on them. Sometimes I thought the ref should step in because the ball had been dead for so long and the LSU defenders were still trying to get the ball out of Moore’s hands. Well, they ran Moore one too many times and he did give up the ball. It was like football psychology. They knew he gave up the ball 2 years ago and they kept trying to get him to fumble. Finally he did.
Another bummer was a pass to Cornelius Ingram over the middle. Apparently he didn’t expect the ball and it hit him in the head. This is the second time Cornelius has been responsible for a big flub in the game that ultimately led to our losing. In the Auburn game he ran into the punter.
I went to the same High School as Cornelius so he’s special to me. I keep thinking maybe he should be in the secondary because at Hawthorne there was another QB who also played defense. I guess everyone who went to Hawthorne knows him and he shares the same initials as me, EB. Cornelius did so well last year I’m sorry he has played this disappointing part in the past 2 games. I wish he had been used to throw a pass or something. I hear he was a great QB.
I wonder how many people there are like me who failed at the university and now find themselves sitting in front of the TV rooting for the athletic teams.

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Entry for October 06, 2007

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Well, quite a game last night wasn’t it?
I guess had they stopped the game in Cleveland that would have been seen as an unfair advantage to the Yankees.
I suppose there was no weather forecast to predict the advance of the locusts that invaded Jacobs Field so they couldn’t predict when the playing conditions would allow for a fair game to be played, but I know whenever the Yankees play and win it is unfair.
They unfairly spend all that money on their players but you have to remember the opponent “love” their boys and you know there is no such thing as love in New York City.

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Entry for October 03, 2007

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“If you don’t work how do you support yourself?” asked my cardiologist, Dr. Gros.
It steamed me because this whole thing had been a sort of cross to be nailed upon by the so-called working men who for some reason unknown to them were jealous or envious of me when I came down here from New York.

I told him in so many words that my mother had supported me and thought well of me in her will. He seemed finally satisfied when I told him about annuities and stock, a house and a couple of cars.

I almost thought I was going to get some help when he brought the subject up, but nobody wants to help the dirty, hairy hippies who never work and live off their relatives all their lives. And don’t thnk this is prejudice! No, this is just clear thinking. It’s the kind of clarity that elected Bush and Reagan and Bush number 1.

A dirty filthy hippie – like Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. But then they are rich and not close enough to sue you for the things you say about them.

Dirty and Lazy. What do they mean by dirty? Do they mean we came in from the football game on the front lawn and there were grass stains on our dungarees? Or something else, something sexual? And lazy. I recall lazy from the days when black people were called that. No one would hire them so they were lazy.

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Entry for October 02, 2007

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My new Yankee shirt came today!
They take a long time to come.
Seems like it was 2 weeks.

I’m so glad it’s here.

I have been thinking of quitting my gym. They won’t take Fox off the air and they have a huge aircraft carrier size flag flying above their gym. They’ve opened a new branch but it’s not open all night and it doesn’t have an aquatic center. Oh, yeah, it’s also another 5 – 6 miles away from where I live. They call it Tioga. There is a little town that’s seems to be some big deal, the town of Tioga. Seems to be some new place for the rich people. More like a housing development than a town. Of course towns can be real little places. I remember Fort Salonga up in N.Y., just a bunch of houses and a path to the beach, really. Tioga is right across from the West End Golf Course where I used to go hit some balls now and then.

I got the lawn mowed yesterday and I chanted. I was very happy about getting the lawn mowed because my elderly neighbor has been doing it. He had a stroke a few years ago and there’s no need for me to put pressure on him. I just remembered when mom had a stroke he was saying his sister had had one and recovered. Either strokes run in the family or he’s playing with the truth. I think there’s a lot of that going around.

I went into town to get milk after the lawn moving. I was so excited. I guess it was the iced coffee I had for breakfast. I took the old car which has a working CD player in it. I downloaded some music last week and burned it to disk on my new laptop. My latest burn is Salisbury by Uriah Heep. I don’t know if you know it. One of my friends that went to Santa Fe used to love Heep. Salisbury was one of his favorite albums. I have sort of been in a musical taste war inside myself. Lots of people love Led Zeppelin but you know they’re not one of my favorite bands. I liked this Heep when my friend played it. There’s an involved story about this friend. He was moved out of his room because one of the new boys who came to town to go to Santa Fe found a girl to sleep with and needed the whole room. My good friend slept in the closet. He put up a bunch of Playboy centerfold spreads on the walls. It wasn’t the same as sleeping with a woman. The new boy like Zeppelin, especially Stairway. He later bought Houses of the Holy and besides these great album he bought every David Bowie that came out. He already had quite a collection that included For the Roses by Joni Mitchell. I spied that record up in the room where he was sleeping with that girl, an art student at the University, but the David Bowie was downstairs where we smoked our dope. I was a candidate to move in at that apartment but I was convinced it was too expensive. I blame my father for that.

My friend’s name was Rolan. The new guy was named Mark and his girl was called Carol, although her nickname was Jew. And she was Jewish.

So, that’s how things change in college. Rolan soon left the pad, going back to Tampa and then Colorado he told me. He invited me to go with him to Tampa but I said no. Tthat was in ’72.

Zep and Bowie became really big, along with Yes. Later Billy Joel was Marky’s pick.
Marky was the friend of a brother of a friend. Pretty distant relation, isn’t it?

So, enough. I went into town Salisbury blasting away. I noticed a woman had pulled up after I pulled into the parking lot for the health food store where I do a lot of shopping. I wanted my organic milk. I kept playing my superb music to hear the last few chords of a great riff and I noticed the woman in the vehicle that pulled in after I did looked like a woman I knew who has MS. This poor girl is now a quadriplegic. When I first met her she walked on crutches, you know those crutches with braces for the arms. She was into meditation as I met her at a convening of the Siddha Meditation Center. Well, it wasn’t that woman, Mahesh, it was a woman who knows her and also goes to the Siddha Meditation Center, named Elizabeth. She says she’s a nurse and when my father was dying or had died I heard her say something about her husband’s father having cancer. It seemed a lot like she was talking about my father. So, I don’t trust her. I don’t think she is married. I’ve never met a husband. Man, it is so deceitful everywhere. Oh but never say such things about the practitioner of yoga. He or she is the perfect ONE.

So, haven’t you had those experiences where you know someone saw you but they don’t choose to say hello, greet you, be friendly. I have them frequently with all manner of friends and especially with the Siddha Meditation Gang.

So, it pisses me off but I’m thinking now that these crossings of paths are not the simple coincidences I have always thought they were. I think I’m being followed or noticed and followed and then just followed into some place like the supermarket and IGNORED. Yes, they are not so innocent.

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Entry for October 02, 2007

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Isn’t it something how people you know ignore you in public? Or doesn’t this happen to you?

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