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Entry for October 02, 2007

My new Yankee shirt came today!
They take a long time to come.
Seems like it was 2 weeks.

I’m so glad it’s here.

I have been thinking of quitting my gym. They won’t take Fox off the air and they have a huge aircraft carrier size flag flying above their gym. They’ve opened a new branch but it’s not open all night and it doesn’t have an aquatic center. Oh, yeah, it’s also another 5 – 6 miles away from where I live. They call it Tioga. There is a little town that’s seems to be some big deal, the town of Tioga. Seems to be some new place for the rich people. More like a housing development than a town. Of course towns can be real little places. I remember Fort Salonga up in N.Y., just a bunch of houses and a path to the beach, really. Tioga is right across from the West End Golf Course where I used to go hit some balls now and then.

I got the lawn mowed yesterday and I chanted. I was very happy about getting the lawn mowed because my elderly neighbor has been doing it. He had a stroke a few years ago and there’s no need for me to put pressure on him. I just remembered when mom had a stroke he was saying his sister had had one and recovered. Either strokes run in the family or he’s playing with the truth. I think there’s a lot of that going around.

I went into town to get milk after the lawn moving. I was so excited. I guess it was the iced coffee I had for breakfast. I took the old car which has a working CD player in it. I downloaded some music last week and burned it to disk on my new laptop. My latest burn is Salisbury by Uriah Heep. I don’t know if you know it. One of my friends that went to Santa Fe used to love Heep. Salisbury was one of his favorite albums. I have sort of been in a musical taste war inside myself. Lots of people love Led Zeppelin but you know they’re not one of my favorite bands. I liked this Heep when my friend played it. There’s an involved story about this friend. He was moved out of his room because one of the new boys who came to town to go to Santa Fe found a girl to sleep with and needed the whole room. My good friend slept in the closet. He put up a bunch of Playboy centerfold spreads on the walls. It wasn’t the same as sleeping with a woman. The new boy like Zeppelin, especially Stairway. He later bought Houses of the Holy and besides these great album he bought every David Bowie that came out. He already had quite a collection that included For the Roses by Joni Mitchell. I spied that record up in the room where he was sleeping with that girl, an art student at the University, but the David Bowie was downstairs where we smoked our dope. I was a candidate to move in at that apartment but I was convinced it was too expensive. I blame my father for that.

My friend’s name was Rolan. The new guy was named Mark and his girl was called Carol, although her nickname was Jew. And she was Jewish.

So, that’s how things change in college. Rolan soon left the pad, going back to Tampa and then Colorado he told me. He invited me to go with him to Tampa but I said no. Tthat was in ’72.

Zep and Bowie became really big, along with Yes. Later Billy Joel was Marky’s pick.
Marky was the friend of a brother of a friend. Pretty distant relation, isn’t it?

So, enough. I went into town Salisbury blasting away. I noticed a woman had pulled up after I pulled into the parking lot for the health food store where I do a lot of shopping. I wanted my organic milk. I kept playing my superb music to hear the last few chords of a great riff and I noticed the woman in the vehicle that pulled in after I did looked like a woman I knew who has MS. This poor girl is now a quadriplegic. When I first met her she walked on crutches, you know those crutches with braces for the arms. She was into meditation as I met her at a convening of the Siddha Meditation Center. Well, it wasn’t that woman, Mahesh, it was a woman who knows her and also goes to the Siddha Meditation Center, named Elizabeth. She says she’s a nurse and when my father was dying or had died I heard her say something about her husband’s father having cancer. It seemed a lot like she was talking about my father. So, I don’t trust her. I don’t think she is married. I’ve never met a husband. Man, it is so deceitful everywhere. Oh but never say such things about the practitioner of yoga. He or she is the perfect ONE.

So, haven’t you had those experiences where you know someone saw you but they don’t choose to say hello, greet you, be friendly. I have them frequently with all manner of friends and especially with the Siddha Meditation Gang.

So, it pisses me off but I’m thinking now that these crossings of paths are not the simple coincidences I have always thought they were. I think I’m being followed or noticed and followed and then just followed into some place like the supermarket and IGNORED. Yes, they are not so innocent.

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