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Entry for October 03, 2007

“If you don’t work how do you support yourself?” asked my cardiologist, Dr. Gros.
It steamed me because this whole thing had been a sort of cross to be nailed upon by the so-called working men who for some reason unknown to them were jealous or envious of me when I came down here from New York.

I told him in so many words that my mother had supported me and thought well of me in her will. He seemed finally satisfied when I told him about annuities and stock, a house and a couple of cars.

I almost thought I was going to get some help when he brought the subject up, but nobody wants to help the dirty, hairy hippies who never work and live off their relatives all their lives. And don’t thnk this is prejudice! No, this is just clear thinking. It’s the kind of clarity that elected Bush and Reagan and Bush number 1.

A dirty filthy hippie – like Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. But then they are rich and not close enough to sue you for the things you say about them.

Dirty and Lazy. What do they mean by dirty? Do they mean we came in from the football game on the front lawn and there were grass stains on our dungarees? Or something else, something sexual? And lazy. I recall lazy from the days when black people were called that. No one would hire them so they were lazy.

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