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Entry for October 07, 2007

I saw the Gator football game against LSU. I was pretty disappointed. Some things I noticed about the Urban Meyer coaching style, you give the ball to a young half back who was grounded for fumbling a couple of years ago until he fumbles and then you never give it to him again. You can’t have faith in that man.
I think the kid’s name is Keyshaun Moore and anyone could see how LSU was trying to rip that ball out of his hands as he was tearing up the field on them. Sometimes I thought the ref should step in because the ball had been dead for so long and the LSU defenders were still trying to get the ball out of Moore’s hands. Well, they ran Moore one too many times and he did give up the ball. It was like football psychology. They knew he gave up the ball 2 years ago and they kept trying to get him to fumble. Finally he did.
Another bummer was a pass to Cornelius Ingram over the middle. Apparently he didn’t expect the ball and it hit him in the head. This is the second time Cornelius has been responsible for a big flub in the game that ultimately led to our losing. In the Auburn game he ran into the punter.
I went to the same High School as Cornelius so he’s special to me. I keep thinking maybe he should be in the secondary because at Hawthorne there was another QB who also played defense. I guess everyone who went to Hawthorne knows him and he shares the same initials as me, EB. Cornelius did so well last year I’m sorry he has played this disappointing part in the past 2 games. I wish he had been used to throw a pass or something. I hear he was a great QB.
I wonder how many people there are like me who failed at the university and now find themselves sitting in front of the TV rooting for the athletic teams.

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