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Entry for December 16, 2007

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I just got a new player for my car, a Pioneer CD/MP3 player.
Boy, does it rock!
I can hook up my Ipod to it which I have and play mp3’s on it. But boy you can play it loud and there is little dissonance. One thing I like is a feature called Superbass.
Looks good in the car too.
Been reading a little bit of Da’s “Easy Death.” He says death isn’t an end, it’s a process. That’s nice to know.
And I got my PeaceFlix the other day and watched 2 talks by Maharaji.
He spoke about trees that we plant in our yard and how we have to be careful what trees we plant. A bit like the reap what you sow thing, but he put down the notion of karma.
Sounds like he has been influenced by the Urantia Book or he is reaching out to readers of the Urantia Papers.
Same with Da. He avoids the reincarnation thing.
The Urantia Book says even Buddha did not teach reincarnation. That’s weird to me.

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Entry for December 10, 2007

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Do you like this picture. I have a hard time getting a good picture. Paid $3 at a photo booth in Gainesville and got a pencil sketch and a black and white that were interesting. I had used a photo booth for online pictures before and they did me justice.
I have just signed up with eharmony and I have needed personal photos for my profile. I guess you can’t get in there unless you join so I think I will upload my new photos to Flicker. I will have to check that out all over again. Often I use Webshots to show pictures to family, etc.
It’s kind of a bust at eharmony so far. I find some women I like but there are still a lot of closed matches, as they call them. If a woman is not interested or if you are not interested in her you can close the match and they won’t bother showing her profile to you anymore.

I have also been belonging to these Yahoo! Groups. One was GatorPoly, a polyamoury group. I just got mad and left. I forget what that was about because I just left another one, associated with Siddha Yoga. It was called SGMKJ, or something like that, after or like Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay!, which means hail the guru who reveals the truth.
I’m so involved in so many different things, Adidam, Maharaji, the Urantia Book, Bisexuality, Pornography, Technology, Jobs and they weren’t interested in any of that. Just Siddha Yoga and Baba and Gurumayi.
One fellow introduced some YouTube videos of and old movie (1936) of Sant Tukaram. It caused quite a stir and later on he told me where I could get the movie on DVD. It was at a place on the Net. I had seen it before and the place is associated with ISKCON which is another thing I have a bunch of books and magazines from and an interest in and so I bought the movie but it took a long time to come. I had to get on them and make myself a ticket at their site and finally it came a few days ago. It was made by a group called ITV, which has a direct relationship to ISKCON and it started me thinking about the differences between all of these groups and why each one does not acknowledge the other as valid and good and so I tried to ask this at the group. There was some dope trying to sell his old volumes of Satsang with Baba. I have that selection of books but I have been unable to really get much juice out of it. I blame a lot of that to previous books like the Krsna books. Statements in the Krsna books about impersonalism stating that that path was just useless made it difficult for me to take in the statements by Baba in his Satsang with Baba or his Conversations with Swami Muktananda. There was also a selection in the middle of the DARSHAN magazine which was a talk by Gurumayi that I never read. I had read so much of it before or heard it in a video. What I was really looking for was dialogue like I used to have with my friends about books. Yes, my friends read books. They weren’t a bunch of skinheads who went around wilding on middleaged people’s heads. They read books and they said “WOW,” wasn’t that something. But Siddha Yoga doesn’t seem to care who I really am. I am tossed out into the malaise of tough guys that Springstenn used to write about, hoodlum making a big score, or worse, the skinhead and nazis. Well , what ever you say my siddha man.
There is this man at Siddha Yoga -where I live, I can’t, of course speak for all of them, – whom I know from my college days. He is the first to cast me out into this vast mass of possibilities. Who AM I? You know? The question isn’t any sociological or pathological question? So, apparently I could be any kind of nazi ruffian they can think of. It seems I always trying to undercut their effforts to enlighten the world. I tell them they are not connecting and they don’t want to hear it.
It was just that way at the Yahoo! Group and so I quit.
Maybe they should make their own Worst Person in the World list and put me on it, but they always deny they think so. What can you expect from people you only see for a few minutes a week, when I did see them.
Remember those old sayings on the News about how much fathers spent time with kids. Was it 10 minutes of quality time a year. Of course I didn’t care about dad, but I could have put those stats to mom and I might have learned more. I was afraid that would have put pressure on mom or created an argument or something. It was hard to switch the sexes. Very difficult to see that I was different, that I wasn’t getting enough quality time from my mom. That would make me a sissy to a lot of folks. It also might make mom need to change her relationship with dad. That was a lot to ask and as a teenager I already asked a whole lot. Jesus, I just realized, that was when mom was doing all htat retirement planning. My father was very paranoid and mom had to take care of a lot of his retirement negotiations. I don’t know much about such concerns myself. Dad thought he might be ripped off by the Pennsylvania Railroad after 40 years of work. He was a supervisor in a railroad yard but not an educated man and so mom had to be his go between. She made sure he wasn’t being lied to or hedged in some way out of getting what every other supervisor got. It kind of reminds me of having educated youth at polling booths to help the poor black citizens in the south when they finally got rid of the Jim Crow laws. Many social programs are like that. Someone is there to make sure no funny business happens and no one gets discouraged from pressing on.

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