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Entry for December 16, 2007

I just got a new player for my car, a Pioneer CD/MP3 player.
Boy, does it rock!
I can hook up my Ipod to it which I have and play mp3’s on it. But boy you can play it loud and there is little dissonance. One thing I like is a feature called Superbass.
Looks good in the car too.
Been reading a little bit of Da’s “Easy Death.” He says death isn’t an end, it’s a process. That’s nice to know.
And I got my PeaceFlix the other day and watched 2 talks by Maharaji.
He spoke about trees that we plant in our yard and how we have to be careful what trees we plant. A bit like the reap what you sow thing, but he put down the notion of karma.
Sounds like he has been influenced by the Urantia Book or he is reaching out to readers of the Urantia Papers.
Same with Da. He avoids the reincarnation thing.
The Urantia Book says even Buddha did not teach reincarnation. That’s weird to me.

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