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Entry for February 27, 2008

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This whole thing of being thrown over for a younger, more attractive candidate just got to me. I was going to edit my web page where there is s link to The Nation magazine which is quite aroused about Barack Obama when it came to me. Of course I already knew, but just look at how excited these far left progressive people are. They are not excited in a joyous way but like some big fellow having a party, maybe even committing rape. They’ve beaten Hillary, you know. Today there was a big endorsement from the renowned supporter of people’s causes, Christophe Dodd. What an old dodger. The Nation was mentioning John Edwards like everyone was wet for his endorsement, using the female references for sexual excitement, but John has been “coy” they say. Elizabeth has inoperable cancer. Just on that note I would like him to endorse Hillary.

But they are not ashamed. The reason being the vote on the war as I MENtioned before. Obama is a much finer candidate, young and sexy. It doesn’t matter what Hillary has ever done for them. Like the hate crimes bill. As they have been trying to recreate the Kennedy and Martin Luther King excitement that eventual ended in tragedy they have mentioned Obama being killed. Anyone can die is my thinking. I think of the possibility of Hillary dying, she flies a lot, she is disliked by some people, it makes me sad. But someone mentioned Medgar Evers, or actually, the man who killed him, played in a made for TV movie by James Woods, Byron DeLaBeckwith. Nobody has made a movie of Paramahamsa Yogananda was my thought, but it did bring up the hate crimes bill. Hillary Clinton worked hard with others to get that passed despite numerous ridiculous statements that even made it to the children’s show, South Park, that all crime is hate. That just isn’t so. A lot of crime is need, and some crime we don’t even know the cause for, but the senseless murder of someone just because you hate his race, his sexual orientation, his religion or their gender is a hate crime, a new order of crime much as has been created for those who commit crimes against children. Now anyone who has on his record some violation can be considered a danger to children and kept out of work. Some of these violations include the use of drugs although I don’t see how that is sexual. Myself, I have been arrested for indecent exposure, and I guess that would qualify, although some think simple nudity is not sexual. Regarding that, one of the bills that Barack Obama voted present on when he was in the Illinois state legilsature had to do with an issue I am familiar with, that being the establishment of sexual establishments within a certain distance of schools, parks, or churches, I believe was the bill. The American Association for Nudist Recreation had issues with bill such as these as they are often included with the strip clubs and adult book stores, so the establishment of a nudist resort must always be conscious of where schools and churches are, but they are nothing like strip clubs and adult book stores, they are healthy places where people have fun.

I almost cried thinking about Hillary’s being thrown over. It’s just like Bill and Monica, isn’t it. What kind of wrathful God hangs on to something like that? Or is it a wrathful media? A political process? A political ambition?

I gave $25 to NORML last week. The states that Hillary has to take on March 4 are Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. Together they spell P-O-T, POT!

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Entry for February 27, 2008

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I haven’t been reading The Nation to which I started subscribing before mom died but I was picking up around the house and I noticed they endorse ‘bama. So, I threw it out and I’m going to cancel and tell them not to send me renewal notices.

I used to get a newsletter from Kennedy and Kerry so I canceled them when they endorsed.

I just feel like Ms. Clinton’s been used. For 8 years she has been talked about polled as the one who could beat Bush. She didn’t choose to run. She had made a promise to N.Y. to serve out her term and she did. Maybe some resent her for that just like they claim to resent her over the vote to give Bush war powers. That was the vote, wasn’t it? Sometimes a president needs leverage to negotiate. Bush was lying to us but who knew? Bill waged an excellent campaign in Kosovo. I don’t remember the vote to give him the power to do that. I think you would expect an 8th grader to mention that in a report he was writing but the news media don’t want to remember that war. It doesn’t make things “interesting.”

Some think we should have no war at all. They are being quiet about Afghanistan. They don’t want the voters to know that they also oppose our being there. They hide behind the scenes and let the politicians say nothing wrong with being there because they need to keep their agendas hidden just as Bush kept his agenda secret in getting into Iraq. Members of his most conservative cabinet and I hope you still remember the protest over his ultra-conservative nominees, tell us that he wanted to get into Iraq before 9/11.

So, it counts as a vote for the war. That whole thing of voting on these military matters goes back to Vietnam and you know a lot of those things have been quite watered down through two Reagan administrations and the first Bush. It was hard to even realize the congress had a say so in our war powers given Reagan’s invasion of Haiti or first Bush’s rush into Panama to get the cocaine General, whatshisname? And I don’t remember the congress voting to let first Bush go into Iraq the first time.

So, these votes in congress get to be, in the mind of the people minutiae and I guess that is why they vote people in who will not oppose the status quo. I only find the whole thing offensive because it was a discussion over Kerry who now “repents” for his vote, easy for him since he is a lifetime dove whose only vote for giving war powers to a president was that one and likely because of the reasons I just stated which he probably stated himself numerous times in his run in 2004. It’s just so unimportant. Even if these democrats had voted against giving Bush the power to commit troops they wouldn’t have won the vote and in the end would have looked unpatriotic and been the victim of a smear campaign like the one launched at Max Cleland in Georgia that ultimately defeated that Vietnam war hero.

Max Cleland. There was a guy Kerry could have taken to run for V.P. He was more like Kerry in character and could have brought more of a sense of being at war and the importance of the war to the campaign. Remember how important the war was considered to be in that campaign but domestic issues ultimately became the issues Kerry dwelt upon, likely because Sen. Edwards was his running mate. I would have suggested Max but I get all chicken when I think about these things. Like I also thought of Diane Feinstein, but then that could be like Mondale – Ferraro, and ultimately a loss. But, Sen. Feinstein supported Kerry from the beginning and perhaps could have given the campaign an East – West look instead of a north-south. I still feel like the problem with the Dukakis campaign against V.P. Bush was that Gov. Dukakis picked Texas senator Loyd Bentsten to be his running mate. It was just too much Kennedy-Johnson for me.

I liked the Clinton’ s choice of Al Gore because they were 2 men from the same part of the country and you could expect them to work together well. I’ve been thinking if Hillary wins Gov. Richardson would be a good running mate, since the hispanic vote has been so good to her.

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Entry for February 23, 2008

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I just contributed $100 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to get their new ad on TV in all the upcoming primary states.
And I wrote this letter to my newspaper.
I was inspired to write this letter by an article in my newspaper, which supported Obama in the Florida Primary, speaking of the fears of Obama supporters for his life.

Editor, Sun; There have been so many comparisons of Obama to the Kennedys that I have begun to rethink my views on the Kennedys. I have for long defended the idea that JFK was not responsible for Vietnam and even that he did not sleep with Marilyn Monroe. Now I am beginning to reconsider. Could Kennedy have involved us in the quagmire as Johnson did? Maybe so. There was after all the Bay of Pigs.
Then Robert F. Kennedy. He went after Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa with great venom, but he colluded with Joe McCarthy when half of Hollywood and many in the government were accused of being communists. He frequently denied he was running for president as Senator of New York but when Gene McCarthy did so well he jumped in. In retrospect that appears duplicitous.
Obama is easily compared to these leaders because he is a man and although not a man so wealthy one as charismatic. I wonder if Obama supporters would be willing to compare their candidate with any charismatic man who died heroically, such as John Lennon, perhaps. Can’t see how that would hurt his numbers unless you wish to think about John’s drug abuse and fights with the other Beatles.
But although we can compare Obama to these white men (he has also been compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and not at all it seems to Malcolm X who although black have religious references and never ran for office) we cannot compare Hillary to anyone, not even women. I suppose Margaret Thatcher, the conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain will come up, less likely, I think, Gold Meir whom to this time is still regarded as something of a heroine in the history of Israel, but I am sure many of her detractors will likely compare her to Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of a country halfway around the world. What good, I wonder, would it be to compare her to Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan who was recently assassinated much as JFK was, exposing herself in an open vehicle.
I think Hillary Clinton would be a good president of the United States as good as any of the 43 male presidents and countless number of male candidates as we have ever had.

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Entry for February 22, 2008

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When Obama was going on about his opinion about Iraq all could think of was that he was a state senator then and the fact that most of what he was saying had been written in left wing magazines like Mother Jones and The American Prospect.

Shit, I wouldn’t know what to say about Iraq if it wasn’t for them. But who said those things first, the news publications or Mr. Obama?

You’ll never know. I mean who cares what a state senator says. Who keeps track of when he says it, himself? He could do a clean copy of Kennedy. Of course Kennedy and the big peace movement were all geared up with what was wrong with the war before we ever found out Bush and Cheney were lying to us. There were no nukes in Iraq. They just made that shit up. They thought it was true and they manipulated the information to prove it. That certainly changes people’s opinons about the war. Now whether you were for the war before it started is of no significance because you had been lied to about it right on. Isn’t that it? Do we want to reexamine what all the anti-war people said about the war before it started. No doubt they will have been prophetic about every single thing. They are like that. They are right about every fucking thing. That’s why people believe a Bush/Cheney pile of bullshit, because these people can be so obnoxious. They wouldn’t fight for their own mothers if it came down to it.

At least it often seems that way to me. They will deny not finding the nukes mattered to Americans’ opinon about the war, or the revelations that Bush wanted to go to Iraq before he was even elected, or thatBush & Cheney directed that they find some way to connect Iraq with 9/11, or that they cooked up the information about uranium needed to make a nuclear weapon. They will just insist they were right. That’s all. They are right and you should always listen to them because they never fail you, the people. So vote for them and don’t worry about what’s happening in the world. That’s not your problem. They know what to do.

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Entry for February 22, 2008

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The way Obama patriotically praised the troops from the Hood (Fort Hood), I had to wonder if he was not another LBJ. Remember LBJ was the peace candidate in 1964.

Obama doesn’t want a government run by the connected but he’s supported by Kennedy and Kerry. Who is more connected than them?

I hate the idea of Obama becoming president. As I think of it I think of my father who was a racist and supported George Wallace time and again. I guess though it won’t be any different than it alway is. When Mr. Clinton ran I was for Jerry Brown. In ’72, I supported Lindsay’s campaign. In Carter’s campaign I was for Fred Harris, a reformed alcoholic who married an Indian woman and was a great political orator.

I hope Hillary’s closing statement where she expressed her concern for people wins this Texas primary for her. I hope, I hope, I hope!

Who was that bitch who said there was no difference between them on their health plans. Is the question to her whether there should be a health care plan. I guess SO!

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Entry for February 14, 2008

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I’ve been pretty busy over at Salon’s TableTalk in the White House folder and the Hillary ’08 thread. I’ve posted a picture of myself and my niece Camilla so that the posters at TableTalk will know that UncleEd really is an uncle. In fact Camilla also subcribes to Salon.

I don’t know how Camilla feels about the election and she may disagree with the things I say here.

So many Obama posters there that I had to go over to the Obama thread today and have a say there. “Will he get us involved in Darfur?” I queried.

I also commented on Obama’s Ivy League education and I compared him to Kerry in that respect. He was educated overseas in private schools. They said he went to catholic schools and so I was wondering why he belongs to the United Church of Christ. I guess non-catholics are now allowed to attend catholic schools. In my day, in N.Y., only catholics went to catholic school.

People keep talking about momentum, but so many people haven’t voted yet. I think they ought to have one national election for a primary, like we do when we nominate a governor or senator. This piecemeal shit is for the birds.

Hillary would be way ahead if they were giving all the delegates for each state. These states that Obama is winning are little ones. Can you say a team has momentum when it’s just kicking field goals? Hillary took CALIFORNIA and NEW YORK, and NEW JERSEY. They are talking about Texas and Ohio and they have said she is ahead in both of those states while at the same time damming her with this Guilliani talk. She is using the Guilliani strategy, they say. That’s bullshit. She is trying to win these states. She is in them. She has never been the lackluster bullshit star that Guilliani is, was and will be.

A Houston Chronicle columnist, and we should distinguish them from reporters because they are encouraged to express opinions, spoke of the polls on Guilliani last year showing him way ahead. He compared those polls to Obama vs. McCain polls. He doesn’t see Obama doing as well against McCain as they are showing now and they are not showing him do so well against McCain in Texas.

So, these people at the Obama thread said “another underprivileged kid” and I thought they were talking about me, but they were talking, albeit, facetiously about Kerry.

It got me to thinking. People think Obama is underprivileged because he is half black. But he’s not. He went to private schools and then to Columbia and Harvard, the big Ivy League universities. Harvard kicked Richard Alpert out for experimenting with LSD when he was a professor of psychology there. Him and Tim Leary. It’s an uptight place.

Ultimately, Obama is, like Kerry, an elitist. You can see it in his refined mannerisms. I wonder if it is true that he smokes or did smoke? I read something about his wife nagging him to quit smoking. I think I see that in him. In a smoking jacket, maybe with a pipe, pontificating on the profound issues of the day.

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Entry for February 13, 2008

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Did you know Barack Hussein Obama lives in a million dollar mansion?

I’ve been sharing this site with people on the web.

There is nothing there about Obama’s life, his birth in Hawaii or his upbringing in Indonesia. I still know very little about him. I know Kerry grew up overseas, too, went to private schools.

Obama went to Columbia and Harvard. He is a lawyer. Many people took John Edwards to task because he spoke of the needs of the poor but he himself was very wealthy. Apparently Mr. Obama is wealthy, too. I got my facts from

I’m kind of bitter now because I have been fighting over at TableTalk at Salon.

Paul Krugman mentioned the passion of the Obama supporters and I am getting him now. I would call it blind ambition. If Obama is nominated I won’t vote in November. I’ll disappear. I don’t need that man.

Read about his health insurance plan. It’s not the quality that the Clinton plan is, but he denies it.

Hope you enjoy the information at Shakesville.

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