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Entry for February 13, 2008

Did you know Barack Hussein Obama lives in a million dollar mansion?

I’ve been sharing this site with people on the web.

There is nothing there about Obama’s life, his birth in Hawaii or his upbringing in Indonesia. I still know very little about him. I know Kerry grew up overseas, too, went to private schools.

Obama went to Columbia and Harvard. He is a lawyer. Many people took John Edwards to task because he spoke of the needs of the poor but he himself was very wealthy. Apparently Mr. Obama is wealthy, too. I got my facts from VoteSmart.com.

I’m kind of bitter now because I have been fighting over at TableTalk at Salon.

Paul Krugman mentioned the passion of the Obama supporters and I am getting him now. I would call it blind ambition. If Obama is nominated I won’t vote in November. I’ll disappear. I don’t need that man.

Read about his health insurance plan. It’s not the quality that the Clinton plan is, but he denies it.

Hope you enjoy the information at Shakesville.

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