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Entry for February 14, 2008

I’ve been pretty busy over at Salon’s TableTalk in the White House folder and the Hillary ’08 thread. I’ve posted a picture of myself and my niece Camilla so that the posters at TableTalk will know that UncleEd really is an uncle. In fact Camilla also subcribes to Salon.

I don’t know how Camilla feels about the election and she may disagree with the things I say here.

So many Obama posters there that I had to go over to the Obama thread today and have a say there. “Will he get us involved in Darfur?” I queried.

I also commented on Obama’s Ivy League education and I compared him to Kerry in that respect. He was educated overseas in private schools. They said he went to catholic schools and so I was wondering why he belongs to the United Church of Christ. I guess non-catholics are now allowed to attend catholic schools. In my day, in N.Y., only catholics went to catholic school.

People keep talking about momentum, but so many people haven’t voted yet. I think they ought to have one national election for a primary, like we do when we nominate a governor or senator. This piecemeal shit is for the birds.

Hillary would be way ahead if they were giving all the delegates for each state. These states that Obama is winning are little ones. Can you say a team has momentum when it’s just kicking field goals? Hillary took CALIFORNIA and NEW YORK, and NEW JERSEY. They are talking about Texas and Ohio and they have said she is ahead in both of those states while at the same time damming her with this Guilliani talk. She is using the Guilliani strategy, they say. That’s bullshit. She is trying to win these states. She is in them. She has never been the lackluster bullshit star that Guilliani is, was and will be.

A Houston Chronicle columnist, and we should distinguish them from reporters because they are encouraged to express opinions, spoke of the polls on Guilliani last year showing him way ahead. He compared those polls to Obama vs. McCain polls. He doesn’t see Obama doing as well against McCain as they are showing now and they are not showing him do so well against McCain in Texas.

So, these people at the Obama thread said “another underprivileged kid” and I thought they were talking about me, but they were talking, albeit, facetiously about Kerry.

It got me to thinking. People think Obama is underprivileged because he is half black. But he’s not. He went to private schools and then to Columbia and Harvard, the big Ivy League universities. Harvard kicked Richard Alpert out for experimenting with LSD when he was a professor of psychology there. Him and Tim Leary. It’s an uptight place.

Ultimately, Obama is, like Kerry, an elitist. You can see it in his refined mannerisms. I wonder if it is true that he smokes or did smoke? I read something about his wife nagging him to quit smoking. I think I see that in him. In a smoking jacket, maybe with a pipe, pontificating on the profound issues of the day.

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