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Entry for February 22, 2008

The way Obama patriotically praised the troops from the Hood (Fort Hood), I had to wonder if he was not another LBJ. Remember LBJ was the peace candidate in 1964.

Obama doesn’t want a government run by the connected but he’s supported by Kennedy and Kerry. Who is more connected than them?

I hate the idea of Obama becoming president. As I think of it I think of my father who was a racist and supported George Wallace time and again. I guess though it won’t be any different than it alway is. When Mr. Clinton ran I was for Jerry Brown. In ’72, I supported Lindsay’s campaign. In Carter’s campaign I was for Fred Harris, a reformed alcoholic who married an Indian woman and was a great political orator.

I hope Hillary’s closing statement where she expressed her concern for people wins this Texas primary for her. I hope, I hope, I hope!

Who was that bitch who said there was no difference between them on their health plans. Is the question to her whether there should be a health care plan. I guess SO!

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