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Entry for February 22, 2008

When Obama was going on about his opinion about Iraq all could think of was that he was a state senator then and the fact that most of what he was saying had been written in left wing magazines like Mother Jones and The American Prospect.

Shit, I wouldn’t know what to say about Iraq if it wasn’t for them. But who said those things first, the news publications or Mr. Obama?

You’ll never know. I mean who cares what a state senator says. Who keeps track of when he says it, himself? He could do a clean copy of Kennedy. Of course Kennedy and the big peace movement were all geared up with what was wrong with the war before we ever found out Bush and Cheney were lying to us. There were no nukes in Iraq. They just made that shit up. They thought it was true and they manipulated the information to prove it. That certainly changes people’s opinons about the war. Now whether you were for the war before it started is of no significance because you had been lied to about it right on. Isn’t that it? Do we want to reexamine what all the anti-war people said about the war before it started. No doubt they will have been prophetic about every single thing. They are like that. They are right about every fucking thing. That’s why people believe a Bush/Cheney pile of bullshit, because these people can be so obnoxious. They wouldn’t fight for their own mothers if it came down to it.

At least it often seems that way to me. They will deny not finding the nukes mattered to Americans’ opinon about the war, or the revelations that Bush wanted to go to Iraq before he was even elected, or thatBush & Cheney directed that they find some way to connect Iraq with 9/11, or that they cooked up the information about uranium needed to make a nuclear weapon. They will just insist they were right. That’s all. They are right and you should always listen to them because they never fail you, the people. So vote for them and don’t worry about what’s happening in the world. That’s not your problem. They know what to do.

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