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Entry for February 23, 2008

I just contributed $100 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to get their new ad on TV in all the upcoming primary states.
And I wrote this letter to my newspaper.
I was inspired to write this letter by an article in my newspaper, which supported Obama in the Florida Primary, speaking of the fears of Obama supporters for his life.

Editor, Sun; There have been so many comparisons of Obama to the Kennedys that I have begun to rethink my views on the Kennedys. I have for long defended the idea that JFK was not responsible for Vietnam and even that he did not sleep with Marilyn Monroe. Now I am beginning to reconsider. Could Kennedy have involved us in the quagmire as Johnson did? Maybe so. There was after all the Bay of Pigs.
Then Robert F. Kennedy. He went after Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa with great venom, but he colluded with Joe McCarthy when half of Hollywood and many in the government were accused of being communists. He frequently denied he was running for president as Senator of New York but when Gene McCarthy did so well he jumped in. In retrospect that appears duplicitous.
Obama is easily compared to these leaders because he is a man and although not a man so wealthy one as charismatic. I wonder if Obama supporters would be willing to compare their candidate with any charismatic man who died heroically, such as John Lennon, perhaps. Can’t see how that would hurt his numbers unless you wish to think about John’s drug abuse and fights with the other Beatles.
But although we can compare Obama to these white men (he has also been compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and not at all it seems to Malcolm X who although black have religious references and never ran for office) we cannot compare Hillary to anyone, not even women. I suppose Margaret Thatcher, the conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain will come up, less likely, I think, Gold Meir whom to this time is still regarded as something of a heroine in the history of Israel, but I am sure many of her detractors will likely compare her to Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of a country halfway around the world. What good, I wonder, would it be to compare her to Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan who was recently assassinated much as JFK was, exposing herself in an open vehicle.
I think Hillary Clinton would be a good president of the United States as good as any of the 43 male presidents and countless number of male candidates as we have ever had.

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