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Entry for February 27, 2008

I haven’t been reading The Nation to which I started subscribing before mom died but I was picking up around the house and I noticed they endorse ‘bama. So, I threw it out and I’m going to cancel and tell them not to send me renewal notices.

I used to get a newsletter from Kennedy and Kerry so I canceled them when they endorsed.

I just feel like Ms. Clinton’s been used. For 8 years she has been talked about polled as the one who could beat Bush. She didn’t choose to run. She had made a promise to N.Y. to serve out her term and she did. Maybe some resent her for that just like they claim to resent her over the vote to give Bush war powers. That was the vote, wasn’t it? Sometimes a president needs leverage to negotiate. Bush was lying to us but who knew? Bill waged an excellent campaign in Kosovo. I don’t remember the vote to give him the power to do that. I think you would expect an 8th grader to mention that in a report he was writing but the news media don’t want to remember that war. It doesn’t make things “interesting.”

Some think we should have no war at all. They are being quiet about Afghanistan. They don’t want the voters to know that they also oppose our being there. They hide behind the scenes and let the politicians say nothing wrong with being there because they need to keep their agendas hidden just as Bush kept his agenda secret in getting into Iraq. Members of his most conservative cabinet and I hope you still remember the protest over his ultra-conservative nominees, tell us that he wanted to get into Iraq before 9/11.

So, it counts as a vote for the war. That whole thing of voting on these military matters goes back to Vietnam and you know a lot of those things have been quite watered down through two Reagan administrations and the first Bush. It was hard to even realize the congress had a say so in our war powers given Reagan’s invasion of Haiti or first Bush’s rush into Panama to get the cocaine General, whatshisname? And I don’t remember the congress voting to let first Bush go into Iraq the first time.

So, these votes in congress get to be, in the mind of the people minutiae and I guess that is why they vote people in who will not oppose the status quo. I only find the whole thing offensive because it was a discussion over Kerry who now “repents” for his vote, easy for him since he is a lifetime dove whose only vote for giving war powers to a president was that one and likely because of the reasons I just stated which he probably stated himself numerous times in his run in 2004. It’s just so unimportant. Even if these democrats had voted against giving Bush the power to commit troops they wouldn’t have won the vote and in the end would have looked unpatriotic and been the victim of a smear campaign like the one launched at Max Cleland in Georgia that ultimately defeated that Vietnam war hero.

Max Cleland. There was a guy Kerry could have taken to run for V.P. He was more like Kerry in character and could have brought more of a sense of being at war and the importance of the war to the campaign. Remember how important the war was considered to be in that campaign but domestic issues ultimately became the issues Kerry dwelt upon, likely because Sen. Edwards was his running mate. I would have suggested Max but I get all chicken when I think about these things. Like I also thought of Diane Feinstein, but then that could be like Mondale – Ferraro, and ultimately a loss. But, Sen. Feinstein supported Kerry from the beginning and perhaps could have given the campaign an East – West look instead of a north-south. I still feel like the problem with the Dukakis campaign against V.P. Bush was that Gov. Dukakis picked Texas senator Loyd Bentsten to be his running mate. It was just too much Kennedy-Johnson for me.

I liked the Clinton’ s choice of Al Gore because they were 2 men from the same part of the country and you could expect them to work together well. I’ve been thinking if Hillary wins Gov. Richardson would be a good running mate, since the hispanic vote has been so good to her.

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