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Entry for February 27, 2008

This whole thing of being thrown over for a younger, more attractive candidate just got to me. I was going to edit my web page where there is s link to The Nation magazine which is quite aroused about Barack Obama when it came to me. Of course I already knew, but just look at how excited these far left progressive people are. They are not excited in a joyous way but like some big fellow having a party, maybe even committing rape. They’ve beaten Hillary, you know. Today there was a big endorsement from the renowned supporter of people’s causes, Christophe Dodd. What an old dodger. The Nation was mentioning John Edwards like everyone was wet for his endorsement, using the female references for sexual excitement, but John has been “coy” they say. Elizabeth has inoperable cancer. Just on that note I would like him to endorse Hillary.

But they are not ashamed. The reason being the vote on the war as I MENtioned before. Obama is a much finer candidate, young and sexy. It doesn’t matter what Hillary has ever done for them. Like the hate crimes bill. As they have been trying to recreate the Kennedy and Martin Luther King excitement that eventual ended in tragedy they have mentioned Obama being killed. Anyone can die is my thinking. I think of the possibility of Hillary dying, she flies a lot, she is disliked by some people, it makes me sad. But someone mentioned Medgar Evers, or actually, the man who killed him, played in a made for TV movie by James Woods, Byron DeLaBeckwith. Nobody has made a movie of Paramahamsa Yogananda was my thought, but it did bring up the hate crimes bill. Hillary Clinton worked hard with others to get that passed despite numerous ridiculous statements that even made it to the children’s show, South Park, that all crime is hate. That just isn’t so. A lot of crime is need, and some crime we don’t even know the cause for, but the senseless murder of someone just because you hate his race, his sexual orientation, his religion or their gender is a hate crime, a new order of crime much as has been created for those who commit crimes against children. Now anyone who has on his record some violation can be considered a danger to children and kept out of work. Some of these violations include the use of drugs although I don’t see how that is sexual. Myself, I have been arrested for indecent exposure, and I guess that would qualify, although some think simple nudity is not sexual. Regarding that, one of the bills that Barack Obama voted present on when he was in the Illinois state legilsature had to do with an issue I am familiar with, that being the establishment of sexual establishments within a certain distance of schools, parks, or churches, I believe was the bill. The American Association for Nudist Recreation had issues with bill such as these as they are often included with the strip clubs and adult book stores, so the establishment of a nudist resort must always be conscious of where schools and churches are, but they are nothing like strip clubs and adult book stores, they are healthy places where people have fun.

I almost cried thinking about Hillary’s being thrown over. It’s just like Bill and Monica, isn’t it. What kind of wrathful God hangs on to something like that? Or is it a wrathful media? A political process? A political ambition?

I gave $25 to NORML last week. The states that Hillary has to take on March 4 are Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. Together they spell P-O-T, POT!

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