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Entry for March 01, 2008

I’ve been learning more about just snippets of things I have heard before at The Truth About Obama website.

Right now I’m reading about the nuclear leaks issue. This involved a contributor to Obama’s campaign.

Here’s a quote, “Since 2003, executives and employees of Exelon, which is based in Illinois, have contributed at least $227,000 to Mr. Obama’s campaigns for the United States Senate and for president. Two top Exelon officials, Frank M. Clark, executive vice president, and John W. Rogers Jr., a director, are among his largest fund-raisers.”

And that’s how his heroic effort to find justice for people living near leaking nuclear reactors got watered down to the point of doing nothing at all. But read the story.

Another interesting feature. I hadn’t heard anything about Michelle Obama. She is quite secreted away to me, but at the Truth About Obama they tell me she is having a great influence in this campaign. She claims to be of working class roots. For me, it’s hard to figure someone is working class who went to Princeton and Harvard and I understand she campaigns in drab working class outfits but has exorbitant and expensive clothing and jewelry at home.

A lot is made of her being on the board of not for profit hospital. They say this hospital charges exorbitant rates and even refused to help a person who couldn’t pay and that person later died.

The comments at the Truth About Obama don’t seem so outrageous to me and I would like a legitimate news agency like 60 Minutes or some other to look into these things. Obama supporters talk about baggage but I think if these facts are brought out in the open they are going to have quite a lot of baggage themselves.

I’m going to go back and read more.

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