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Entry for March 02, 2008

I read a couple of sutras from Adidam Samraj’s Dawn Horse Testament yesterday. It was unexpectedly warm and comforting.

Today, I watched Gurumayi’s Guru Gita tape. I wonder if she is still selling them at her site, http://www.siddhayoga.org.

I went over to my Pitas blog a while ago and made a post and did some editing and I saw an old post that was a video of Maya Angelou’s endorsement of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. You know Hillary did not accept Mr. Clinton’s name when she married him, or so it says in “Living History.” It was a scandal in Arkansas for the First Lady of Arkansas to not go by her husband’s last name. I just wondered if you knew Hillary was that much the modern woman. In my mind I just never compared her to someone like Jodie Foster who had a baby out of wedlock.

You can see in the Maya Angelou video that it is from an exploratory committee. That kind of dates it, but Maya recommends to Hillary that she set out to campaign for the long run so I hope that means the dear heart hasn’t abandoned her.

I was reading the poem Maya wrote for the presidential inauguration just a short while before mom was stricken and taken from me. In this endorsement of Mrs. Clinton, a name which seems to evoke memories of the film Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Maya praises Hillary’s womanhood and this is something to notice. My mom used to watch Gurumayi with me on videotapes and DVDs and she never commented on Gurumayi’s message of God within us as us, but she preferred to talk about her new way of wearing her hair or a new hat that Mayi had. Those are women’s things, the things on the surface, I guess. I think mom wanted to point that out to me and help me understand how frustrating it is for a woman to be taken seriously.

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