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Entry for March 03, 2008

I visited my mom’s grave this weekend. I thought maybe it needed some fresh flowers. I am always mindful when I think of the grave the sayings of the masters, that she is not there. It helps me believe.

Back in ’78 I went to a Methodist church near my home and I got “born again.” I think it was ’78, might have been later, but I remember I was pretty crazy then with this book called The Reappearance of the Christ. So, I went to church thinking it would help me with this. Boy, was I wrong, but I do remember the minister who was a very nice fellow named Dennis I. White giving a sermon in which he mentioned a name that I did not know of then, James of Safed and Dennis also mentioned the quote that I later came to know was from the Urantia Book, “I believe, Lord. Help my unbelief.”

The whole thing is in Paper 158 but James of Safed’s part starts in section 4. of that Paper.

When I took the Siddha Yoga Correspondence Course of Ram Butler’s, whom I was fortunate to meet at a SYCC conference in Venice, Florida outside of Sarasota, I read of a saint who told someone to go to the cemetery and speak to the people buried there. Of course, he couldn’t because all those people are dead.

It was mentioned in Back to Godhead also that there are no beings in the cemetery. I guess that is the one I remember. They refer to passing as disappearance. The Urantia Book calls it graduating. I like that one best. It’s how I like to think of mom, but UB disagrees with the Indian position on reincarnation. The book teaches that although reincarnation was a widely held view at the time, Jesus never taught it.

I watched Gurumayi chant the Guru Gita again today.

Gurumayi’s website, siddhayoga.org, has been undergoing a lot of change of late so I went there when I had been listening to Tom Petty’s “Buried Treasure,” thinking maybe they had some of those songs they sing to download, but they didn’t. My Ipod is loaded with Mayi’s singing. I use the CDs, turn them into Mp3’s and put them on the pod.

Gurumayi’s womanhood is something I’ve been exploiting recently. I support Mrs. Hillary Clinton for President and I like some of the motorists who may not like my Hillary for President bumper stickers (I have six accross the back of my ’95 Buick) to hear the voice of a spiritual woman.

Long ago, a female friend of mine (I’ve been warned not to use the word lady), who by the way, suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, mentioned this quality of Gurumayi’s. That she is a WOMAN. I appreciated that comment in its own at that time. I had reflected to deeply on being a woman since I am not one. I was mindful that the Guru Gita says the Guru is neither male nor female (so that leaves even the hermaphrodite out because they are both), but I knew everyone thought of Baba as a man.

It’s the body-mind that says that. Adidam uses that term to discuss our lives.

I gave more money to Hillary today. I was aghast this morning when it came to me that Mr. Clinton went about the world last year with former President Bush. Isn’t that the unifying thing? And then I thought of how BO is supported by the left, MoJo and Salon giving me love all day long, as well as 2 others that visit my home, The Nation and The American Prospect. I haven’t read them much since mom died and you know I’ve been reading Da and others because of that. After reading Adidam’s “Easy Death” I reviewed Baba’s “Does Death Exist,” and found out Baba was saying death does exist but we are all ignoring it.

So how does someone supported by the far left come to call himself a unifier?

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