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Entry for March 12, 2008

We won Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island isn’t that great?!!!
You wouldn’t believe I wrote this long post on the Ferraro statements and what’s going on in Mississippi. I wrote about my father, my mother, my arrest for indecent exposure and possession of marijuana and the probation officer, my mental health experience and it all disappeared when I just wanted to get rid of some silly prompt coming up on my multi-tabbed browser.
OOOPS!!!! I did it again!!!! GAAAAH!
I thought it of interest that Sen. Obama had to point to Geraldine Ferraro’s comments about his race rather than take note of her disease, multiple myeloma, and the possible cures for it. I read about multiple myeloma and the positive effects of thalidomide here.
The religious material I read often mentions this giving of attention as what makes things real to us. It would have been nice had Sen. Obama mentioned health at the time but since his health care plan is inferior to Ms. Clinton’s maybe he didn’t think that wise, – or kind.
By the way I just bought a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer.
I had some carrot juice and mixed some spinach with it. It was delicious.
Later I had carrot, spinach, celery and a habanero pepper concoction.
Right now I’m looking at one of my favorite movies, Defending Your Life.
It’s such an innocent thing – the idea that after we die we meet judgment.
In the case of this movie the judgment takes the form of typical civil jurisprudence.
Here is something on the Geraldine Ferraro comment.

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