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Entry for March 13, 2008

I have some things to say.
In The Nation they are saying Hillary will have a hard time saying her nomination was democratic if she is selected by superdelegates. First of all, wasn’t it democracy that made the superdelegates relevant and secondly, what is so democratic about republicans voting in democratic primaries. That’s the least democratic thing I can think of and it’s what Obama owes his lead in delegates to.
Now they want to have a mail in election in Florida and I am thinking it is a sexist thing to do. It is something for professors and big wigs in the universities to do, not for working women.
And again, Obama’s camp keeps calling the victory in Ohio the result of negative ads. I don’t see anything negative about saying Obama is not as equipped to deal with an emergency attack as our girl is. If they find that negative then what is their constant allusion to “the Clintons,” claiming that nothing would change with Hillary Rodham Clinton as President, that the same people would be running the show that ran the show when William Jefferson Clinton. First of all this is not a show and second of all Hillary Clinton is an entirely different entity from Bill Clinton. Women are behind Hillary Clinton not southern populists. Obama tries to call them the same, as if being man and wife made you the same person. He is trying to claim her administration would be a rerun of his without specifics. She is a senator from N.Y. He was a Governor from Arkansas. Two different animals.

As for Keith Olbermann why doesn’t he just call us Billo?
Geraldine Ferraro is not a racist. I dare say anyone for affirmative action is not a racist!!!
I think Olbermann is like G.W. when it comes to equality of the sexes. G.W. sent a woman to the electric chair in Texas over the protests of Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II. Olbermann doesn’t want any affirmative action for women just for Obamaman.
I guess a popular president as a husband is what a woman needs to succeed in this man’s world but Hillary has established credentials outside of her marriage to President Clinton. (see Hillary Clinton.com

And perhaps Sen. Obama should say exactly what was wrong with President Clinton’s administration. I’m sure NAFTA has been mentioned but would he also take issue with welfare reform. Many black politicians did but does he want to distance himself from his heritage because it might cost him votes?

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