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Entry for March 22, 2008

Here is a link to an article at the St. Pete Times on the delegate issue. It’s from St. Patrick’s Day.
I don’t know how we can speak of things like saints when our elected officials treat us this way. I remember reading of a St. Martin who clothed a naked beggar. I can’t remember exactly who St. Martin was. He may have been spanish looking at the picture in DARSHAN, Living with the Saints, but I really don’t know.
I loved that magazine. It was a little expensive at $86 a year but you don’t know the scream of joy that went on in my heart when my mom allowed me to get it. Those were the bad ol’ days. It was either Reagan or the first Bush. I had to live with my mom thanks to a divide among us and thanks to some political prejudice I think. I was a big naked fool in the late 70’s. And 1978 hit me like a rock. In 1977 I was put on academic suspension by the University because I couldn’t “maintain” a C grade. I couldn’t even get up to a C grade over there although I had a B at the popular community college of the day. It seemed inevitable that you would like your teacher there, Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida. It wasn’t quite the same at the University (UF) where you could be failed if you missed 3 classes. Some teachers believed you had to be failed if you missed 3. My physical education teacher was one. I hadn’t taken phys. ed. since I was a high schooler in N.Y. I transferred to the smaller high school in Florida, a high school that had just gone through desegregation in 1970. That may be a split infinitive so let me explain I transferred that year in the Spring when my father (and mother) retired from the Pennsylvania Railroad. I was informed the school had desegregated just that year although I had heard about busing and desegregation for many, many years. In fact it came up in N.Y. Rumors were they would integrate the all black Wyandanch High School with Kings Park High. That’s where I lived, in Kings Park.
But this is not the story of my life or a narrative on my experience of the race issue as an adolescent. This is about how an institution in the modern United States has the right to take away your vote despite the fact that over 3,000 or is it 4,000 now of our finest persons have given their life in Iraq to let them have votes.
What kind of density, what kind of money, what kind of arm twisting was going on in the Democratic Party in 2007 that let them deny Florida and Michigan their rights to a say so in who will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.
There is a lovely line in the article I linked to where the Party says this is a “family” thing. Seems to me The Sopranos were a big TV show in 2007. It’s that the idea? Is that the American process, 2 Big Family’s battle it out and one becomes the president.

Do we teach the children that?

To me the Sopranos were the big headlines of 2007. I watched some Keith Olbermann. I used to watch him with my mom and I was surprised that mom didn’t like him. She died, you know in January of 2007. I don’t know why it wasn’t more of a story about what the DNC was going to do to Florida and Michigan. It’s certainly not an example of King Solomon’s wisdom. Did they hope that it would be finished early without our contribution. I live in Florida that’s why I say our. By the way, mom didn’t like Oprah Winfrey either but that was before she didn’t like Mr. Olbermann.

Yeah, I guess that was it. How often does every state matter in the presidential primary? It didn’t matter for Kerry or Gore. Gore’s opponent, Bill Bradley dropped out because it was revealed he had a bad ticker. Oddly, illness didn’t bother Paul Tsongas from staying in as long as he could against Bill Clinton. And what was that enabled Kerry? Do you think it was the capture of Saddam Hussein and Kerry’s opinion that this was a good thing? He talked about boots on the ground. He had the support of veterans. It was pretty much over when Florida voted.

The delegates were seated although it was already known who had won. The decision was made by candidates dropping out. Oh, that Obama would drop out. After this Wright thing is there really any question? He lost Ohio and Texas without a Wright. I can’t compare his sending his economic advisor to Canada to tell them not to take too seriously his speeches against NAFTA with this. I believe that really hurt him in those BIG STATE contests.

I have never been an Obama fan. I guess the speech at the convention was good but they are supposed to be good. I would have preferred to hear from Hillary. It’s really a pep rally speech. Why should it be so hard. Was it really so much better than that little girl’s speech? Remember the little girl who mentioned Dick Cheney’s potty mouth? Of course kids hate to be told about their mouths and I think this was a real kind of revenge for children of Democrats.

I didn’t read any of Sen. Obama’s books. Sen. Obama’s election gave the Democratic Party a needed seat in the Senate. That’s what Senator Obama meant to me. It was good that he had a nothing opponent in Allen Keyes. It was good that the real shotgun of the GOP was taken out by a sex scandal. I understand now that this was a leak of divorce filings. Nobody had ever told me that before. I will be interested to hear why Florida and Michigan were denied. Who were the players? Who can we vote against (IN THE FUTURE) for not seeing the value of our votes. I understand the DNC wants to blame the Republican Legislature and the Florida Democratic Party. I’m sorry the DNC couldn’t see a loophole for Florida and Michigan to slip through. Politicians have seen enough of them for rich oil companies and arm sellers and rich Arabians.

Jeb Bush wiped thousands of black voters off the rolls. Don’t we want to win that state? What are the particulars of why we wanted to move our primary up? Are we just a bunch of arrogant rednecks? I thought there were lots of Jews in Florida. Isn’t that why Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman to be his running mate? Doubtless those opposed to our being seated at the Democratic National Convention will blame the Party’s need for support from the jewish community for it. And would that be our fellow democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire. Why are they so greedy to be first among the primaries?

I mean there must be a lot of laws concerning this. There must be some law concerning the rights of a state legislature vs. those of a National Political Party and the rights of the members of that political party.

I mean what if we paid to be members of the Party instead of just signing our name? Would that change EVERYTHING?

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