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Entry for March 27, 2008

Does anybody realize that southern states are not just racist but sexist and homophobic, too?
I have to wonder if ageism is in play too as Hillary took Florida where people come to retire. I do forget about Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma if you would like to call that state southern. I don’t think OK seceded from the union. I don’t think it ever voted to be a slave state, but as I have said before I’m no history student.
I read at Taylor Marsh today about Obama rolling out his foreign policy advisors in response to Hillary’s speech on Iraq and they had nothing to say about foreign policy but only flattery for Obama. I never go to the Obama campaign site because I have never supported the man, but a link at Hillary’s Fact Hub was written Obama and I clicked it and it took me to an article in Time magazine where their campaign spokesperson did nothing but lie.
He says it’s clear that Hillary had nothing to do with passing Chips, the Family Leave legislation and was not opposed to NAFTA from the start (you know Bill had to have that instead of Health Care legislation which was knocked down by commercials from insurance companies that screamed about not being able to choose your doctor). I remember it. Mom heard that . She wanted her doctor who was a woman. It is unfortunate that I bought into mom’s argument. I knew nothing about health insurance. I’m sorry the plan fell through. Maybe mom thought the plan could be reworked as was my thought, but that one thing, choosing your doctor was the death knell, you know, for Hillary’s health insurance.
It’s amazing they can just go up there and lie about these things. I guess they just wish these weren’t the issues people cared about.
You should go to Hillary’s Fact Hub for more information on Obama’s Full Frontal Assault on the facts.

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