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Entry for April 01, 2008

I wonder if the colleges and universities, obliged to live up to Title IX, have not adjusted to the fact that the girls are playing ball. Tonight I saw a male sportscaster reporting on the UConn Huskies.
It’s hard enough for a boy to relate to being a Huskie – or a Gator- but what about the girls?
Of course college sports go all the way back to the days of the raccoon coat and Knute Rockne. I wonder if it is a law that the team must be known by these obviously testosterone related nicknames.
I think I might be more interested in watching the women play if they were called the Kittens or Felines instead of the Huskies. At least you get an idea of what’s going on. Now you have to look for the W in the name on ESPN. I think it says W CollegeBasketball or something like that. With a woman running for president it’s something to think about.
Actually I think the feminine is a part of our self that we shouldn’t ignore. Just imagine the creative names women could think of for their teams.
These are only games, aren’t they?
Maybe if we acknowledged the feminine we would have less hormone injections and maybe less steroids.
Imagine a team called the Jacksonville Hares. It’s creativity. Women are famous for it.

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