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Entry for April 08, 2008

I’ve been reading some of my old DARSHAN magazines. Not really reading but browsing through them. I remember reading something Baba said that we shouldn’t have blind faith.

Faith requires evidence.

It was interesting because a neighbor had been by and was talking about Jesus and that another neighbor had died and he held my hand and prayed with me. He prayed a good prayer but he had asked me before we prayed or after he got my hand, you believe in Jesus don’t you. I told him yes. There was no point in arguing with him, he knows me well and if he wants to pray with me on this occasion it doesn’t matter to me, but then again it does.

It is difficult when no one acknowledges your faith, when it’s all about them.

So, blind faith. It’s a little like what Krishnamurti said once about repeating mantras. He said people repeat the mantras without understanding. The mantras are repeated but there is no sense of the sacredness of the mantra I think. He said dumb, or unintelligent. This was in the book The Awakening of Intelligence.

You have to be aware of the strength of the mantra or have faith in its strength. That doesn’t mean to repeat it strongly. It means you must know that the mantra has power.
It’s like what Jesus said about believing. You shall pray believing and your prayer shall be fulfilled.

A lot of what I read when I first started reading these things hinged on your belief. One seer calls God Ram because that is his belief. Because he believes that God takes the form of Ram to answer his devotion and so with Jesus, Muhammed and Buddha.

Baba says God has taken the form of this world, this universe.

I can’t remember where I was reading that point about not having blind faith.

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