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Entry for April 10, 2008

I visited the Poconos in the 60’s. My Uncle who drove a cab in Brooklyn saved up enough money to buy a motel. It was called Schaefer’s Cabins.
Sometimes I went with my mom in her yellow ’66 Falcon and sometimes my brother took me in his ’65 Impala convertible.
Usually it was with mom when I would take this long walk across the road to natural area where they had put this little bridge over a brook. It wasn’t so small a bridge as a putt putt bridge but it was not a bridge for horses or cars. There were some horse riders there and a big golf course situated near it.
Once when I took a walk with my mom, I think I wanted her to see the little bridge, we noticed these golf ball and being a ball lover I started picking them up and mom picked up some as well. Soon some golfers came along. They were there balls. This was a golf course. Actually it was quite at the edge of the golf course. They were close to going into the ruff.
I just gave the balls back but mom got a real laugh out of it. She thought it was real funny.
I guess that fresh air did that to mom. She worked in the city.

Above is a picture of me on that bridge. I think mom took it. I’ve touched it up a bit with Photoshop Elements.

I was just thinking of Pennsylvania since we’re trying to raise money to win there.
If you can, give to Hillary.com.

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