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Entry for April 25, 2008

I once got upset about a young teacher saying he voted for Reagan.
He was very cool and intelligent and I couldn’t believe he would do that.
Now I am hearing all about Reagan Democrats.
This teacher used to bemoan the fact that Reagan stripped education of its funding.
He didn’t realize he was voting for someone who was going to undercut his profession.

I guess that isn’t so bad although I sent him an e-mail expressing my disappointment in him. I think maybe it led to my being suspended because later in an online course I complained to a teacher about the stock market being a prominent feature as well as mainstream media and maybe someone learned of it, took note and REMEMBERED me.

Anyway, I had become a Mason in the 80’s so that’s Tom’s vindication. Tom voted for Reagan. Until recently experiencing the shame of being a Mason – it is a segregated institution – I hadn’t put the two together.

I became a Mason because I was so mad with my hippie friends who had deserted me in 1978-78. I felt no loyalty to them and it was the only chance I had to get out of the house.

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