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Entry for April 27, 2008

I was about to give a hundred dollars to the Hillary campaign when I heard my older brother John say he “wouldn’t do that.”
I wondered, why would I care what John would do?
Yes, I am very low on funds. I am unemployed, too, but this race is very important to me.
I hate to hear them say how any democrat is electable.
John used to defend George Wallace when he was in the Air Force.
John learned some communications skills when he was in the USAF and he was able to get a job through our father’s connection on the commuter railroad on Long Island, the Long Island Railroad.
He worked on the signals. Ding, ding, ding, ding.
Never spoke about it. Seemed mostly concerned about the management of the organization rather than any technical skills.
It seems to me now that an Air Force education is a thousand times more valuable than the education you get in college. I finished community college. I know nothing. Give them a U.S. Air Force Veteran every time.
Of course I got involved in the great Utopian Dream as well. I visited Gaskins Farm and Twin Oaks in Virginia instead of going to UF one term. I used the money from my grant and loan to do it. I also visited Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. I traveled first with a group who had a big yellow school bus to Gaskins Farm and then with my girl friend to Virginia and Colorado. We took a short trip to the northeast where her sister and my brother lived, Connecticut and Long Island respectively.
My girl friend and I dreamed about new schools, a new kind of education. It wasn’t specific but it was dreaming. She had a degree in education. She was certified to teach. She had a little job at an experimental school in Colorado called The September School. Somehow I fucked that up.
We both got to thinking our relationship wasn’t good for each other.
I was flattered in school as a poet and essayist in some circles. I was getting nowhere with that. I took jobs and was fired because I was ineffective at them. I had a job in Colorado as a dishwasher at Tico’s, a mexican restaurant. I couldn’t get the cheese off the plates. I also couldn’t keep my little paper hat on. That was essential.
I left my girl friend that autumn and came back to Florida where I tried again at UF. I had a history course and while it appeared some at the school were trying to get me into the easier class, or perhaps fate or some cosmic guardian was trying, I ended up in the Honors class. My teacher was a Dr. Henry Peterson and the class covered the development of our nation starting from the puritans. One book was called The Puritan Dilemma. Their dilemma was that how were they to allow freedom and get people to follow their religion.
I withdrew that semester and traveled back to Colorado and persuaded my girl friend to come back to Florida with me. When we got back to Florida we broke up for good, she moving out to a friend’s house which became known as The Farm because they had a little garden growing there and they still believed in those utopian concepts.
Not everyone saw life from their organic gardening point of view. Some folks got into cocaine and sex – and karate. I was a long time “friend” of one of them.

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