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Entry for May 07, 2008

Nobody apparently noticed that May 4th came and went without remembering the victims of Kent State in 1970.

I was thinking about my sister how she went to the May Day protest in Washington, D.C. and had to call her husband who was a National Guardsman who helped clean up N.Y.C. during the garbage strike there.

I just mention the garbage strike so you can understand that Guardsmen are good for something other than killing college students protesting a war they may be drafted into after they graduate or if they don’t make the grade.

I had to think about my own experience with Georgia National Guardsman and State Police in 1972 when there was a protest of expanding the war by mining Haiphong Harbor. I wasn’t put in jail but the sight and the sound of those troops, were they a battalion or a regiment or something, scared the living shit out of me when they entered the intersection marching and the kids started running for their lives. I think they must have started into a double step or something.

I just wrote a post at Taylor Marsh dot com and divulged a lot of my feelings tonight.
I’m disappointed the Indiana and North Carolina primaries didn’t turn out as some were claiming they would, that’s with a landslide in Indiana and a win in N.C.

They are say at TM that a 15 point loss is not so bad since Obama was favored by much more and that a win is a win in Indiana but I was expecting something that would make the pundits think again.

So, it looked like in N.C. it was the black vote. They will vote for anyone who is black like them and I feel upset about that because Obama doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground about the economy or health insurance and he has won mostly from calling people racists. It’s an old thing. They don’t like me ’cause I’m black. I read in one article there was a big sign that said JUDGMENT that used to appear at their rallies like this was getting even for centuries of racism.

Too bad that can’t be the Jews saying that. And you know I have heard that black people have some issues with Jews but I haven’t seen much of that come up. It’s like they’ve discovered the Beatles with Mr. Barack. But I understand some of that fainting and stuff at his rallies early on were put on.

The Beatles, you know, had no soul according to Jet Magazine.

So, if you want to see my “poor me” speech I copied and pasted it over at my more political blog, A Floridian for Hillary.

There is another post by this guy named William Wolf who appears on Countdown. He has some sexual hangups. He wrote a column for Vanity Fair.

He says Hillary Clinton is a post sexual woman for post sexual women. He doesn’t see Hillary having sex. Well, for some people Mr. Wolf sex is a private matter. Even the sexiest of presidents, JFK, never took his wife in his arms to ravish her in front of the guests at the White House.

But I guess I don’t know what he is talking about.
He is a long winded intellectual and you have to like him to read him. I don’t like him and I can’t read him.

I think I got half-way through that time but I know his British accent and his kind of snooty intellectuality. A bit like Blair really. I had to think of Hugh Grant as I read it. What a luxury to be able to sit back and speculate on political sex lives, not having to worry about work or health or companionship.

Oh, I do hope William has somebody, doesn’t he?

Jerry Brown got married last year. So big thing. I got to realize Jerry was only a big thing because he could have run against another Jerry. Was that a German thing? Edmund Gerald Brown vs. Gerald Ford.

No, I used to like this fellow because he could find fault with Bush. That seemed hard for a lot of TV animals to do, but he is with KO in finding fault with Hillary.

Hillary is full of fresh and creative ideas to solve problems in our country. She’s not a model. She’s not a starlet. She’s a thinking woman. She needn’t wiggle for me and Bill doesn’t have to lear for me to get excited about her being president.

We’re not auditioning for Playboy. But, I know that is exactly what he’s getting at or is it?

He calls the Obama’s healthy and wholesome sort of like a commercial for a granola bar. Sometimes Allstate does those. It’s the biggest bit in advertising. The happy yet sexually attractive family.

It’s kind of queer. Reminds me a bit of Father Knows Best. So happy. But when did Bud ever have time to study and learn. I found Marcus Welby just the same. Maybe young Barack saw that as an 11 year old. That’s about the time the protest of Haiphong Harbor happened. Would he know anything about seeing soldiers with guns and bayonettes marching toward him? No, of course, that would be William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. According to the legend though they weren’t so scared.

I can’t imagine what William Wolf knows about family.

He writes for Newsweek I understand just like another on the Countdown show, Jon Alterman. I hope I got that right.

I used to or mom and I used to get Newsweek. I gave it up in favor of Mother Jones. I guess that’s why mom ended up watching Demcoracy Now! that I had TiVoed late at night. I kind of miss the mom that would read Newsweek because I can’t think of Newsweek as a communist rag that would do anything to divide the country including electing Republicans to inspire a rage in the people that may foment revolution.

I just don’t see any family warmth in Mother Jones. They have had some good articles and if you have had a college education you may be able to read them and feel, boy ain’t I got brains, but love and sympathy I don’t see in those magazines. I see revolution and often enough they admit to having revolutionary affections.

But Newsweek had swung to the right for me. It wasn’t a college magazine anymore. There wasn’t any flattery for a kid who had gotten on academic suspension and was living with his parents.

They did have the lovely music review section of their magazine though where they introduced me to the lesbian poet Patti Smith. They didn’t actually say she was a lesbian in the article but just a poet. How pleasing of them.

I bought a record of Patti’s called Easter and on it she had a rare number called Rock and Roll Nigger. I think the line goes Jimi Hendrix was a nigger, Jackson Pollack and Gregor, too. I can’t remember too much of it. She did add that Jesus was a nigger as well and I have thought about the meaning of these lines often and lately have settled on Patti’s sexuality as being the source of the lines. Not that she rejected them but that her sexuality had.

I have learned that we have been unfair to negroes. I have been oh, so liberal, embracing bussing and affirmative action for years and years but now I am beginning to ask wasn’t Jimi Hendrix a HIPPIE, too? And I often thought of Jesus as one of them too.

I wonder if it could be that hippies are niggers. That would mean not entitled to jobs, education, and a slice of the American dream pie.

It sure feels that way to me. It has felt that way ever since 1978 when they took the dope away.

Maybe this is the way the Afro-American “gets over,” that is climbs up over the hippie by chanting in hallowed halls with great acoustics, “DOWN WITH DOPE! UP WITH HOPE!”

Yes, as a liberal I even amend that saying Rev. Jackson meant some serious opiates and barbituates by down with dope. But another side of me just wants to call him a NARK!

Speaking to Obama’s warmtn. Jesse Jackson had an affair and Bill Cosby had a few from what I’ve heard.
Maybe that’s why Obama’s running now. He doesn’t want to wait unti lthe kids grow up. They’re so cute aren’t they? Let’s have some!!!

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