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Entry for May 09, 2008

I wear a Hillary for President cap. Lately I have felt, spotted. Naturally pretty girls for Obama. Naturally, I don’t mean they were naturally pretty.
They had a kind of beauty I associate with Obama, a mod kind of look.

Odd I should think of MOD.

You remember the age of MOD if you are my age or older.
LBJ was president. RFK was a senator from N.Y.
I was learning mod numeral systems in 7th grad math.
They used a clock to teach. Time read on a clock is like mod 12.
It was an algebra class really. The first of them and the easiest.
We learned the Pythagorean Theorem.

The mod look had high collars and cuffs. A lot of Obama’s mannerism are as if he is trying to show of those cuffs.
You should watch his hands. See him calling the waiter?

It is pointed out in Pulp Fiction that garcon, means boy and it does, in french.
It would have been similar had he called out Miss, but in the finest restaurants young men are the waiters.

These girls though are smiling and cheerful and I even think it is because I got my new mala beads and they saw them. I wonder to myself if my picture of Mahalakshmi that I bought today or the recording of Mahalakshmyastakam Stotram are the cause of their joy, but inevitably it comes back to their honey love Obama.

They’ve adopted the christian love thine enemy approach and intend to show how joyous their candidate is, really.

That takes the joy out of seeing these, half my age young women.

But, I must admit both young women took care of me quickly. The last, who worked at DLites on 34th St. near Williston Road, kept me from suffering a long wait in line.aThe first worked at India Bazaar and was quizzical as to my feelings about somosas that were prepared by their kitchen vs. those I bought in a box. I told her I thought the kitchen used a little too much black pepper.

It may have been white pepper they used but the taste is similar.

I remember when I first had somosas they used cauliflower. The girl at India Bazaar said they used potatoes and peas in their somosas. She didn’t know I suffered from diabetes and had to watch what I eat. I told her I was glad to learn that the somosas I bought could be baked because I had been deep frying them which was something I had to watch out for because of my heart.

Yeah, she was a sweet little angel and I don’t have one of them at home anymore although mom was not exactly someone you could refer to as sweet and little.
She thought so though, at least as far as being little.
She pointed out on more than one occassion how as we get older we get littler.

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