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Entry for May 20, 2008

A woman my mother and I used to visit in St. Petersburg, Eleanor Doktorsky, suffered from a brain tumor for many years.
Eleanor was a friend of my mother’s from the Pennsylvania Railroad. Eleanor’s husband, who was known simply as Doc, used to work with my dad.
Eleanor and Doc had a nice little place in St. Pete. Doc died in the 90’s just like my dad and mom went down and visited her annually for a time.
El had a daughter back in New Jersey. There was a fellow who used to help Eleanor at the little trailer park where she lived. I forget his name but he reminded me a lot of that guy on One Day at a Time and I think his name was similar too.
Anyway, El lived for a long time with that tumor in her head. She always looked well when mom and I visited and her house was clean and in order.

I’m looking at this guy Rod Parsley. I had been watching John Hagee whom I heard of through the news about John McCain. McCain is one of Hagee’s fans. Today Hagee preached about grumbling. This fellow Parsley seems to be connecting wealth and religion. I have recently purchased some devotional items related to Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and have tried to chant Shri Mahalakshmyastakam Stotram but I don’t get much encouragement.

I’m sure success is a psychological thing and I’m sure your religion, that is devotion makes a difference.

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