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Entry for May 22, 2008

Clinging to a formal numbers count and defending that as the measure of victory rather than leaping for the chance to be affirmed by the voters may garner a party nomination, but it makes Obama look like a beleaguered dictator bleating about how he won an election that everyone knows was dirty and compromised.

I got this from a link in the comments section at Taylor Marsh.

It was Anglachel’s Journal.

There is a troll at TM’s comments section declaring how great Obama is and how victory is already achieved. Sounds like Fidel to me.

Anyway, this guy has said Obama is closing in on McCain in Pennsylvania and Ohio but another commenter doesn’t know what polls he could be talking about because his polls, well I just copied the post – Quinnipiac University polls:
Florida: McCain 45, Obama 41; Clinton 48, McCain 41.
Ohio: McCain 44, Obama 40; Clinton 48, McCain 41.
Pennsylvania: Obama 46, McCain 40; Clinton 50, McCain 37.

There may have been more than one troll. He got excited when someone said he was a paid troll and said Mr. Obama doesn’t need to pay anybody because they are so full of passion, even more passion than us.

Have you noticed how these people that Obamabots compare Obama too are men who have died. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln all died a violent death and who else, Jesus.

Jesus’ violent death was turned into salvation and maybe that’s why its so important to die.

Somebody killed Indira Gandhi but she doesn’t qualify for martyrdom. I would have to agree that she was not a good leader since she locked up opposition. But Hillary Clinton is no Indira Gandhi.

One of the trolls noted that a large percentage of people think Hillary is deceptive but perhaps you might remember a few years ago 70 percent of the American public thought G.W. Bush was doing a good job.

No doubt they didn’t think he was a liar and con artist.

They turned out to be wrong about him.

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