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Entry for June 04, 2008

I’m starting to learn how unique I really am.

I went to the bank to get a home equity loan because I am trying to sell my house and I want to fix it up a bit and be prepared to move out if I get a buyer but I learned that having a home alone is not enough. I must be employed.

The bank officer didn’t go into things like how long I had to be employed and my job security, etc. because I was immediately eliminated by not having a job.

And I called her a friend.

Yes, I know it’s just banking rules but it gets so frustrating being here all these years and not getting so much as a kind word regarding work. I feel like a public enemy.

I haven’t got my house for sale but I have put up a “make me move” price at Zillow.com.

You can go have a look here.

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