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Entry for June 17, 2008

Cyd Charisse graduated today! That’s the term used in the Urantia Papers for our passing away.
We go to a world called Morontia. We sow mortal bodies and reap morontia forms.
I know it’s not an exact quote but it’s close.

The Florida Students of the Urantia Book met down south of me on Memorial Day. They have moved from the United Methodist Life Enrichment Center which was where they held their conferences the years I attended.

Cyd Charisse was a favorite of mine for her portrayal of the Russian female defector in Silk Stockings. What a beautiful movie it was. Great anti-communist propaganda as many American Marxists would put it but what a wonderful love story with appropriate, I think, jabs at what went on in the Soviet Union in those days.

Of course it’s not the Soviet Union anymore, Sen. Obama, it’s Russia.

I found the collage above at the Legs Hall of Fame.

P.S. There was a dancing talent here in Melrose who led the workouts at the Melrose Fitness Center. Her name was Betty Wood. She was a Rockette in New York City which much impressed my mom who grew up in the Bronx, married and moved to Brooklyn and after that lived on Long Island. Mom often suggested we go to Radio City Music Hall but we never did. We did get to see the circus in the City once though. Unfortunately I found it to be a kind of dull affair. I enjoyed the subway experience though and being with my mom.

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