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Entry for June 18, 2008

Today I went to WalMart to get a t-shirt. It was a brand new WalMart and I was attracted to new and different things. I had been wanting to get some new pants so I checked them out.
While I was shopping I heard a page for a Mrs. Wanda Chamblee. I knew Mrs. Chamblee from my church days and my mother’s church days. I think I first met her when her son John took a job to look after my dad when he was dying. Mom and I grew distant from John but mom got to know his brother Melvin. Melvin did things for my sister when she moved here.
I dated John and Melvin’s sister Glenda. Actually, I only went to the Junior Prom with her and then I was rude the next day. She had worn the carnation I gave her to school and my ego had blown up to twice its normal size by the attention of a couple of senior girls. I was cold to Glenda, or rather rude actually. It was a long time ago, 1970.
John introduced me to Wanda who had the aid of a wheelchair.
“Agnes Bryan’s son,” he said. And she said, “Oh Agnes, I know Agnes,” and she went on about her a bit. She pretended to not be aware that mom had died a year and a half ago. I like to think of it that way although others are quick to jump the gun to “she has Alzheimers,” or “she’s probably suffering from dementia.”
Those were possibilities but I didn’t see much point in giving attention to those problems.
Later though what she said took on new reference. It’s the first line in those conversations we have when we are told a dear one has died.
I remember my mom very well saying, “Oh, yes, I love June,” or “Oh, Betty? How is Betty?” only to have her fall to tears upon hearing they had passed away suddenly.
And I guess for many of the elderly women who knew mom her passing was sudden. She went in just 4 weeks. Hope was extended that she might make it and then taken away.
Randy Rhodes said something about nothing but old women voting for Hillary. That offended me because I was for Hillary and I was close to a lot of old women.
She apparently doesn’t know about those phone calls.

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