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Entry for June 20, 2008

I just failed the Wal-Mart hiring assessment test.
It’ll be 2 months before I can take it again.

I’m surprised. I thought I did quite well.

A new Wal-Mart Supercenter ( I think) just opened on the east side of G’ville. I noticed it last week and went in day before yesterday. I had forgotten a t-shirt for my workout and I thought I would go in and buy one. There was this black man who reminded me of Bubsy, a former community college teacher who is a mainstay at the Siddha Meditation Center. Kind of cranky old atheistic brainy man. Not really that old. Just in his 60’s I think but he’ll tell you he’s older.

It’s brand new. There was a big fight about it in the Letter to the Editor section of the local newspaper. Principles in the fight were the co-owners of a low carb ice cream store. They were fighting for small business. Similar thing happened with Starbucks. They moved into a part of town where the well know Hippodrome State Theater was located, taking business away from an already established cafe.

I’ve applied to Starbucks, too. They’ve never gotten back to me.

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