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Entry for June 28, 2008

I bought the latest edition of Play of Consciousness and it has an Afterword by Paul Mueller-Ortega. He’s a very scholarly fellow who wrote a book called The Triadic Heart of Shiva. I thought he had written another but somehow I have lost track.
In Mr. Mueller-Ortega’s Afterword he mentions becoming afraid during meditation, afraid of dying and something in the book helped him overcome the fear. Strangely enough I paged through the book and there is a chapter on the fear of death. It was something Baba had himself experienced.
Somebody please read the book and tell me that’s how it is because I get tired of picking it up again and again to see if it is exactly the way I remember it. In the Afterword Paul speaks of many ways to study Play of Consciousness. In his last statement on the book he says turn to this book in difficult periods of sadhana for renewal, solace, guidance and strength. He mentions when he was having trouble in meditation with fear, even the fear that he might die and he found in the book Baba’s own experience with this. And I found it too in Chapter 30, Fear of Death, pages 199-200.
I kind of like this new edition of Play of Consciousness. I wouldn’t buy it for a long time because I thought it was too expensive and I wanted other things. I did buy a copy for my brother one Christmas. He has never mentioned it and I assume he wants me to think it got lost in shipping.
Gurumayi says some interesting things about Play of Consciousness in her Introduction. First of all she speaks of the incredible power of the book that one may gain the direct experience of THAT simply by touching it or glancing at it. I was later interested in a statement she made that one need not have all of the experiences described in the book, in fact they may have none but they will still be making progress. I am greatly encouraged to hear this because many have spoken again and again of Baba’s being snake bit and his accompanying statement that this was known as a sign of advancement in meditation. Now there’s a terrible fear, isn’t it?

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