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Entry for July 06, 2008

Kind of a nervous habit, shopping on the Net.
I notice these labor finders when I’m driving. They are mostly on the poor side of town. They appear to be short term work opportunities. One was located on the Net and I e-mailed it my information but I haven’t heard back.
I’m just thinking now of a TempForce that called me on my application and when I told them I hadn’t worked since 1999 they hung up. Sometimes I get confused and say 1998. I have finally got it down now though, it was 1999.
I thought if I was sent to a construction job by one of these labor finders I would need some good work boots. Siddha Yoga suggested I bring work clothes back in 1992 to do seva. I just had no idea what they were talking about then.
Actually my friend Jack had some boots like the ones I’m linking to. They kind of double as kinky boots for me. I remember some hiking boots I had that were stolen. They were kind of kinky. I hate to remember who suggested them to me. We had a serious falling out. He didn’t like the Yankees or Elvis or school. Played guitar. 12 string. David Bowie. Lou Reed. Mott the Hoople. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell (For the Roses). He was big on musical taste. I guess he was too old for the Beatles.
Let’s forget about him though, alright? He lived on social security he received because his father died. His father was a marine pilot. How he died I was never told.

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