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Entry for July 08, 2008

My mom’s birthday is July 22nd. Been thinking about that.
Maybe I’ll put some flowers on the grave or something. Thought maybe I would go visit my brother. Is it a Sunday? No, a Tuesday.

I got somebody for the car today. Got it towed off.

A friend told me it may cost around $1200. He said my car really isn’t worth all of that. I told him about the new CD player which can play music from the Ipod and my Garmin. That’s why I wanted to fix it.

The radio in the old car is about shot. Started crackling yesterday. Pretty disappointing.

That’s what I’m looking for in a car, not the hemi or any other power features. I have seen ads for those in OUT magazine. Isn’t that a strange place for it? Maybe not! I’m looking for some good sound and I’m not about the big rock sound. I like my Guru and the sounds of nature. So I like a more enviro sensitive machine.

I’ve looked at the various cars over the years, but I didn’t like the looks. One that looked good was described as less safe. That was a Honda, I think. An Insight, Honda Insight. Looked good but the safety rating wasn’t too high. Of course you know they say the Volvo is the most safe car on the road. It’s a Swedish automobile, isn’t it? Yes, I think so.

I got some coffee yesterday and I’ve heard it’s not so good for diabetics and before that I had heard it was bad for heart patients so I got a new half-decaffeinated brew. Starbucks Breakfast Blend.

Hey, I also bought a wet/dry vac for my laundry room. It can be hung up on the wall but my walls are mostly brick so I have to figure out the screw thing. I think you use concrete screws and you need a hammer drill I understand. What is a hammer drill?

I guess that won’t get hung on the wall for a while.

Worked out yesterday. 1/2 hour on the tread, 1/2 hour on the bike. 20 curls with a 40 lb barbell and 20 lifts with it. I’m interested in getting strong enough to work for UPS. I’m not sure I am. I must be able to lift 70 lbs. which on those machines is easy enough but on a barbell is kind of difficult.

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