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Entry for July 12, 2008

I got up today put the game on – which I recorded wrongly and so only got the postgame – and learned that Bobby Murcer died. He had been suffering with brain cancer.

A lot was said about what Bobby had been going through the last couple of months and I assume that meant chemotherapy which I have heard is the most awful part of cancer therapy. I have heard also though that marijuana relieves the side effects of chemo and it gets me angry that this drug which is almost as common as Scots Whiskey cannot be used to help cancer patients because it is illegal.

I smoked plenty of it when I was young. It was easy to get and generally a gift of my friends.

Tony Snow also died today. He also had cancer.

I liked Bobby Murcer. He was a great hitter and outfielder and I enjoyed his commentary on the Yankee games. He was great fun and humorous.

As the Yankees were talking about him on YES, what struck me was when someone said he was a man, beginning to make a comment. In the Urantia Book it says we sow a mortal body and reap a morontia form. This is not going to Heaven, but it is the persistence of life and of the personality. The world of Morontia is what the Bible and other sacred texts refer to as the “other shore.”

I wish Bobby well there.

I was reading about Bobby at the Yankees Website and I noticed he took ill at about the same time as mom. Mom had a stroke, of course, and she disappeared in 4 weeks. She was 89 years old and not a person used to physical conditioning. What a hard time she had at the Shands Stroke Rehab hospital. She preferred not to go to therapy but she did anyway. I hope it wasn’t so hard as it looked. It actually brought her to tears but they were trying to save her life. Actually they said it was trying to get her back to functionality, but the doctor at Shands had said he saw no hope of recovery. I thought he meant walking and talking but I began to think he meant living after she died.
Well, not to take away from Bobby Murcer, he was a strong man and he hadn’t had a stroke. He lived a year and a half after the diagnosis. An acquaintance of mine in Melrose, a younger fellow, was taken by the same disease. In fact one of the rescue workers mentioned brain cancer when those workers were trying to get mom up from the floor and out to the ambulance.
Baba Muktananda mentions an association among people who die at the same time. It wasn’t long after mom died that Phil Rizzuto left us. Now Bobby Murcer. In fact I was thinking I was watching some videography on Phil Rizzuto when I tuned into YES and heard Michael Kay speaking by phone. It soon was mentioned that Bobby Murcer had died. Like many of us had felt about mom many thought Bobby was going to last longer. Michael Kay mentioned the opening of the new Yankee Stadium. Being told about an advanced therapy at the nursing facility where mom would go when her medicare pass at the therapy hospital had finished, I thought mom was going to hang on a lot longer than she did. Indeed, I perceive it as God’s blessing that he took her so soon. I only wish I could have had the insight to bring her home instead of taking her to the nursing facility, but you know, curiousity killed the cat. It didn’t look like a place where anything advanced happened and it wasn’t. Mom was put on palliative care, which was something I had never heard of. It seemed like they were trying to hide the truth from me with these big words and looking back, had hid the truth from me because they had called my brother Bill about an incident when mom had to be taken to the emergency room again after being transferred to the therapy hospital because she wouldn’t wake up.
I wonder if they told Bill more than they told me.
I had a lot of difficulty with choosing to not take mom home. There was a lot of support for taking mom home but then there wasn’t. My Aunt who is very old herself talked about getting people into the house to help and our former housekeeper was mentioned. There was little that gave me a sense of “energy.” It was all old stuff and mom’s room was a mess. I had taken down her bed. She had fallen off the bed when she had the stroke. I suppose she was trying to get my attention and she was unable to speak. She rolled over and right off the bed. It dislocated her shoulder they found out at the hospital, but that side of her body was paralyzed from the stroke anyway.
I’m sorry I brought all this up. Maybe it was just the kundalini at work. Ram Butler used to report that Siddha Yoga does that. It brings these things we bury back up.

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